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Top 10 Titular Song Characters In Pop Music

The greatest songwriters are able to craft timeless pop songs that feature more than just hummable melodies and catchy hooks; they also tell a story. In fact, when done well, these songs create iconic characters that become as enduring as those from popular sitcoms or movies. The following tell the tales of the mostly-fictitious people we’ll never forget, partly because their names are right there in the song title.

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Top 10 Unnervingly Large Invertebrates

Coming from a country where the worst creature I have to face is an earwig (why must they live in the vegetable patch!?), whenever I go abroad I am always startled by insects, bugs and all manner of other invertebrates that the world has to offer. Coming from Britain I instinctively think of invertebrates as small and innocuous, but the more you study biology, the more this is proved to be false. This list is fairly personal as the term ‘unnerving’ is very subjective, but I hope there are some entries on this list which are new to you. Here is a list of the top ten startlingly large invertebrates in the world.

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21 Awesome Fast Food Items Not Available In America

Sure America has a lot of problems right now but at the end of the day, we can always hang our hat on knowing that we undoubtedly have the best and most disgustingly amazing fast food in the world, right? Wrong. There is a whole other stratosphere of fast food in other countries around the world and none of these delicious items are available and might not ever be available in America. If that isn't enough to finally get you off your ass and do something to change things in this country, I don't know what is. And if you're feeling a little too bloated because you just ate a Mexican Pizza/two tacos combo, a beef chalupa and a Nachos Supreme from Taco Bell to do anything about it right at this moment, that's completely understandable too.

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7 Military Vehicles You Can Buy and 1 You Can't

In 1944, Willys set about creating a civilian version of the US Army’s quarter-ton jeep. The first model available to the car-buying public, the CJ-2A (CJ-1 and CJ-2 were prototype designations), went on sale in July 1945, and its success would usher in other military-to-civilian transitions, notably Land Rover’s Series 1 (1948), Volkswagen’s Type 181 “Thing” (1968) and General Motors’ Hummer H1 (1992). These vehicles’ heroic reputation and all-conquering capability have cemented their appeal among all manner of outdoors enthusiasts, hip-hop personalities and playboy despots. In their spirit, we present a septet of military trucks a civilian can buy – sans weaponry – along with a look at a vehicle that is gunning to become the next US military truck.

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10 Forensic Myths Spread by TV

If you’ve watched enough reruns of shows like CSI, NCIS, Law and Order, and Bones, you probably think you’re pretty well-versed in the science of forensics and crime-solving. Think again. Sure, you’ve probably picked up a few handy tips for the next time you plan on committing a crime (which we hope is never), but for the most part, these TV shows misrepresent the forensics profession in some major ways. If you’re thinking of a career in forensic science, make sure you know the truth behind these 10 myths spread by TV before you get in too deep.

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Top 10 Fattest Criminals of All Time

This is a comprehensive list of the fattest criminals of all time, committing the fattest crimes, and somehow being nailed because they're so fat. There's no pity for these people because they're a menace to society. From the woman who sat on her boyfriend and killed him, the 600 pound man who scammed restaurants for years and the violent pothead who shot his mother over a burger from Rally's, here are the fattest criminals who have ever used their weight as their power (and/or weakness) in the history of fat criminals.

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10 Impressive Predictions for the Future of Your Car

The future of the automobile has limitless potential, so just thinking about it can elicit giddy anticipation. From remote controlled parking to intelligent accelerators, a new adaptation is in the works for almost every detail of your car. Most of the technologies listed below have already been created or are nearing completion, meaning they could become available in the near future. It won't be long before driving -- if you even have to drive -- becomes as low-maintenance, safe and easy as riding a bicycle.

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25 Great Reasons to Buy a Nintendo Wii

The Wii, Nintendo’s video game console, is one of the most popular gadgets among the gamers of the world. The Wii competes heavily with Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. Here are the top reasons as to why you should invest in the Nintendo Wii.

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Top 10 Almost Fatal Film Stunts

Ever since the days of silent film, audiences have crowded into theaters to see films that push the envelope of action and suspense. One of the biggest crowd-pleasers are incredible stunts. Professional stuntmen in Hollywood have made careers of risking life and limb on a daily basis all in the name of entertainment. There have been many lists of great stunts…however, this list will focus on those that almost ended in death. Ten of the deadliest stunts of all time are collected here in chronological order.

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The 5 Things You Must Have Before You Concealed Carry

Carrying a firearm is a serious matter and one that should not be rushed into, but we all like the short cuts. These 5 things will get you to a successful first day as a CCW’er.

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