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10 Food Station Ideas Guests Will Go Crazy For

The hottest trend in catering? Food stations! They mix the best parts of buffets with the most elegant aspects of a sit-down dinner. Trust us, your guests are going to love this! Food stations take away the sloppy cafeteria feel of a buffet, but still keep all the delicious options coming. Plus, you get the fabulous presentation of chicly plated dishes and the fine attention to ingredients that makes a sit-down dinner shine. Take a look at the most fabulous ways to do food stations.

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10 Athletes With Insane Diets

Arguably one of the biggest draws of becoming a professional athlete is the seemingly limitless amount of food one can consume after finishing a day’s worth of strenous workouts. When your job relies on your physical strength, every calorie counts. While it’s undeniable that professional athletes are at their peak fitness levels, not every player achieves this status by heeding a diet of kale and kombucha. Some have chosen looser regimens, making things like McNuggets the center of their post-workout meals. But either way, the sheer volume of food intake truly blows us away.

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12 Vicious Vintage Dental Tools

Until very recently, dental surgery appears to have been carried out with carpentry equipment. In fact, quite literally, since early dental drills were adapted from woodworking equipment. Here are some of our favorites ranging from the beautiful to the macabre.

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7 Unique Forests of the World

A forest is an area with a high density of trees. Forests cover approximately 9.4 percent of the Earth's surface (or 30 percent of total land area), though they once covered much more (about 50 percent of total land area). In addition to the large number of forests that are well-known tourist destinations in the world, there are also small and very unusual forests which are less well known to the general public.

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10 Fascinating Facts About Blade Runner

All of Roy Batty’s precious moments may be lost in time, like tears in rain, but these Blade Runner facts aren’t going anywhere. Do you know everything there is to know about one of the most iconic sci-fi films of all time?

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These Are The 10 Snobbiest Places In New York

There are certain parts of the country where residents and snootiness go together like a snob and a superiority complex. Of course there’s the West Coast snob – a newer creature who perhaps made his or her money in tech or a startup. There’s the southern snob, who takes pride in family money and goes to events like cotillions and coming out parties (yes, really.) And then there’s the snob of the Northeast – a wealthy, high-class, individual, who, don’t even bother asking, is much smarter, more sophisticated, and learned than you.

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10 Highest-Paying Degrees

Recent media reports on the job market for new college grads are full of horror stories: sky high student debt and sub-par entry-level salaries. But it isn't all bad news. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found salary offers made to the class of 2011 increased 4.8 percent to an overall average of $51,018. What's more, a trio of recent reports indicates picking the right degree can mean the difference between a $30,000 starting salary and a $60,000 starting salary. The latest of these reports is the 2011-2012 PayScale College Salary Report.

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6 Scientifically Proven Things Men Can Do To Be More Attractive

Every man wants to know what will make him irresistible to women — especially when it comes to things he can change and control. How much time should he spend at the gym? What colors look best? Should he shave? We turned to science for answers.

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10 Songs That Have Been Graced With a Jensen Ackles Cover

If there's one Jensen Ackles fact in particular that every Supernatural fan should know, it's that the actor has a singing voice that's as beautiful as his chiseled face. He positively blew us away with his covers of "Sister Christian" and "Seven Bridges Road" back in March 2015, and more recently with his cover of The Allman Brothers Band's "Whipping Post," but it turns out we've missed out on plenty of other videos over the years. Keep reading to see all the other songs he's sung, then peruse his decades-long Hollywood evolution into the heartthrob you know and love today.

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33 Startups That Died Reveal Why They Failed

We love a good entrepreneurial success story — entrepreneur as protagonist overcomes obstacles and builds a thriving, successful company (and become wealthy while doing so). We want to hear about, learn from and even replicate what they’ve done. However, this survivorship bias is problematic. Jason Cohen of Smart Bear Software does a nice job articulating this issue stating: "The fact that you are learning only from success is a deeper problem than you imagine … drawing conclusions only from data that is available or convenient and thus systematically biasing your results." Luckily, the startup community often courageously shares their stories — even when things don’t end well.

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26 Amazing Facts About Finland's Unorthodox Education System

Since it implemented huge education reforms 40 years ago, Finland's school system has consistently come at the top for the international rankings for education systems. So how do they do it? It's simple — by going against the evaluation-driven, centralized model that much of the Western world uses.

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9 Comic-Book Costumes That Actually Look Good In Movies

The biggest miracle about Iron Man 2 so far is that Black Widow's skintight jumpsuit looks decent. Often, superhero costumes from comics are just ridiculous on the big screen. Here are 10 other comic-to-movie costume translations that actually work. It's easy to think of superhero costumes that have looked ridiculous on film — most of them have. A lot of comic-book costumes really only work in two dimensions, and especially many superheroine costumes would be a bizarre disaster if a flesh-and-blood woman tried to do any action scenes in them. Even the relatively sane comic-book costumes often fail to make the jump to movies, though — for my money, there has never been a non-absurd Batsuit on screen, including in the two Nolan films. I considered expanding this list to include television, but I honestly couldn't think of an example of a comic-book character costume that didn't look at least somewhat ridiculous in its television version.

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