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5 Actors Who are Never, Ever Going to Get Their Due

Look, America worships its actors, both the stars and the underdogs. The former shine brilliantly as proof of the American dream of fame and fortune. The latter we hold dear as guardians of secret brilliance the masses are too sheeplike to ever understand the genius of. Still, there are some who are just continually going to get the shaft no matter how gifted they are. We're not even talking about people like Jim Carrey or Jennifer Jason Leigh who just get constantly screwed out of recognition for their acting work. What we're talking about are artists who aren't even eligible for an Academy Award because what they do isn't seen as worth a damn by the "real" actors.

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The 10 Best Hot Dogs in Brooklyn

Move over, haute cuisine hamburgers — fancy forcemeat is finally getting its day in the sun. Far from being the dirty water dogs and shriveled ballpark fare that many of us have come to know, these eateries are packing some of the most winning wieners in Brooklyn. And yes, we just said that.

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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Mad Max

The grandaddy of all dystopian action extravaganzas, Mad Max burst into cinemas in 1979 in all of its super-charged, leather-clad glory, changing genre cinema forever. Influenced by the 1973 oil crisis that turned many motorists all over the globe to violence, Mad Max depicted a desolate world with long stretches of highways interrupted only by derelict signs of civilization. The remnants of a once strong police force, the Main Force Patrol do their best to maintain law while wild gangs of outlaw bikers loot, rape, and siphon their way through society. One of these officers, Max Rockatansky, looses faith in the justice after his best friend, wife, and infant son fall victim to the nastiest gang of them all, led by the Genghis Khan of the wasteland, the Toecutter. Shot over 12 weeks in and around Melbourne with a humble budget of $350,000 (Australian), the making of Mad Max was sometimes just as chaotic and dangerous as the world depicted in the film.

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20 TV Series Inspired By Movies

Given that NBC’s new series, “Parenthood,” was inspired by the 1989 Ron Howard film of the same name, it was hard to resist the opportunity to take a look back at some other programs which originated on the silver screen. Obviously, Hollywood has never been afraid to recycle its properties – because, y’know, it’s just so much easier – but when you’ve got a good (and familiar) premise and you’ve got writers who know how to build on it, then why not take advantage of it? Not every film deserves to be turned into a television series, a fact which is borne out by this list of 15 such shows that never got past the pilot stage (and sometimes it worked just as badly in reverse, as you can see here), but looking back on the television landscape and seeing what classic series have emerged as a result, it’s hard to complain. First up, a list of our 20 favorite series inspired by movies. You’ll likely disagree with some of our choices, but…well, frankly, you always disagree with some of our choices, and we’ve learned to live with that.

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The Highest Calorie Item At 10 Fast-food Chains

Whether you like it or not, America, the number of calories packed into fast-food eats are getting harder to ignore. McDonald’s MCD +1.35% , Subway and Panera Bread PNRA +1.27% — and as of this week, Starbucks — have already begun voluntarily posting calorie counts on their menus, ahead of an anticipated federal mandate requiring all restaurants with more than 20 locations to do so. Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re less worried about your waistline than about getting the most calories for the least amount of money.

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5 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger

Didn’t get much sleep last night? Wave your cosmetic magic wand: These simple solutions instantly undo fine lines, a tired complexion and more. Plus, find out which miracle-working products get the job done fast.

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12 Most Common Medical Errors (And How to Prevent Them)

According to the National Academy of Sciences, medical errors injure millions of people each year and cost billions of dollars annually in increased health costs. And this does not take into account lost wages or productivity costs. If that isn’t frightening enough, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement estimates that more than 238,000 hospital deaths among Medicare patients between 2004 and 2006 were due to medical errors that could have been prevented. With healthcare reform front and center in political discussions, but little coming from it, patients are left to rely on their overworked physicians and other caregivers for reliable services. To best avoid becoming part of the statistics, become part of the solutions by knowing the 12 most common medical errors and how to prevent them.

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26 New And Awesome Web Apps You Probably Don’t Know About

Ten years ago, who would have thought that most of our work would depend on the internet? The internet allows us to have easy access to our files, anywhere, anytime. We chat face to face with friends, meet clients virtually, process payments in a flash and much more. The internet is huge and you can’t get enough of it. It has no end. While on the topic of the internet, you can call the current scenario, the Web 2.0 revolution, the next dot com boom. Web apps are torrenting the internet with their numbers and new ones pop-up everyday. Today, I will talk about the latest additions to the pool, of course; the ones you probably don’t know about. So, without further ado.

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5 Cool Things DNA Testing Can Do

April 25 marks the 60th anniversary of scientists' discovery of the double helix. It's also the 10th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project, which set out to sequence the more than 3 billion letters in our genetic code. Biologist James Watson and physicist Francis Crick realized our DNA molecules form a three-dimensional double helix in 1953. But DNA research dates back to the late 1860s, according to Nature Education. Friedrich Miescher was the first to identify "nucleic acid" in our white blood cells; his 1869 finding was later named deoxyribonucleic acid, or DNA. Others later defined the components that make up DNA molecules, identified RNA (ribonucleic acid, the other type of nucleic acid found in all cells along with DNA) and determined that although DNA differs in each species, it always maintains certain properties. Those findings led to Watson and Crick's conclusion, which paved the way for decades of DNA discoveries.

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10 Protests that Changed the World

2011 has been an eventful year thus far. We are amid protests, both violent and peaceful, signifying discontent with the status quo. Each one further challenges the delicate balance of power, and the origination and legitimacy of this initial balance remains questionable. The majority of people in countries like Egypt and Libya did not collectively endorse the distribution of power in the Middle East, nor did they vote for leaders to indefinitely retain their (mostly appointed) roles. Last month, we saw the desperation of Egyptians and Libyans, no longer willing to tolerate iron-fisted rulers. It's a difficult, but beautiful thing to see. We now have a variety of media outlets providing constant coverage of changes in the political and economic landscape. The diverse range of these sources and social networking tools give protesters even greater incentive to publicly demonstrate intolerance; however, protests are in no way a recent phenomenon. Protests and public demonstrations have been happening long before modern technology and media reigned. People protest, and there are long lasting implications. Here are some of the most prominent public demonstrations, some before and some during our lifetimes. One thing is for sure: Each one, unique in its own way, will leave a legacy outlasting even our children's lifetimes.

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