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The 10 Funniest Movie Credits Of All Time

No matter how you dice it, watching actors screw up and laugh uncontrollably is extremely funny. In some instances the movie outtakes/credits sequences are actually funnier than the movie itself. With attention spans where they are today, I think it's time for Hollywood release a movie that's only the credit outtake sequences because I bet they'd be pleasantly surprised with the box-office results.

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Top 10 Martial Arts for Self Defense

Martial arts are great as spectator sports and a good way to get fit, but they really come into their own when they are used in self-defense – undoubtedly the ultimate result for many of them. This list looks at ten of the best martial arts for if you are especially interested in defending yourself against attackers.

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The 50 Best Shotguns Ever Made

Established in 1814, James Purdey and Sons of London builds one grade of double, "best," which costs as much as a small house. The Purdey doesn't earn the top spot because it's expensive; it's here because it epitomizes the British game gun, which represents the Platonic ideal of a shotgun. Start with wood and steel and cut away everything that's not a gun, and you're left with a game gun. Slim, light, ergonomically perfect and fitted to the owner, it comes as close as any firearm can to becoming part of the shooter. Given $100,000 to spend on a house or a gun, I'll take living indoors every time, but I'm glad that Purdeys exist to show us what a shotgun aspires to be.

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The 10 Lamest Movie Vampires

There seems to be a new vampire film out nearly every month especially since vampires became popular again after Twilight hit it big but not all vampires are cool. Total Film came up with a list of the 20 lamest vampires from the movies, here is the top 10 for you to feast your fangs into, yes I know that is a lame joke.

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133 Beer Bong Babes

Whether of not it feels like it spring 2010 is right around the corner, people! And despite what your doctor might tell you, that means you should be spending as many waking hours as possible soaking in the sun and partying as much as humanly possible. So to help get you motivated, we’ve put together this year’s collection of the hottest beer bong babes we could find. Chug! Chug! Chug!

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Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes

Filmmakers have been separating audiences from their ticket money with dustups since the silent era. Even now in an age of $250 million blockbusters, nothing quite compares with watching a handful of stuntmen kick the crap out of each other. The new fight flick The Raid: Redemption hit theaters Friday. The unrelenting action movie is packed with so many pulse-pounding fistfights and shootouts that it’s destined for cult-classic status. In celebration of the blood-soaked release, we thought we’d provide you fine readers with a selection of the 10 greatest fight scenes in movie history.

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The 10 Worst States For Businesses In America

You'll notice something funny about the worst states to do business, which were identified by the conservative Tax Foundation. They include some of America's biggest state economies, like New York and California. But whatever your politics, it's clear that these states tax the hell out of local businesses. States were ranked based on analysis of taxes for corporations, individual income, sales, unemployment insurance and property.

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The 8 Types of Shovels Everyone Should Know

Humans have been digging in the Earth since the dawn of the Neolithic Revolution, some 12,000 years ago. While the earliest agriculturalists had to make do with shovels crudely fashioned from animal bones—shoulder blades were a popular choice—later material advances (namely stone, wood, and metal) led to the development of modern shovel designs and their specialized heads are purpose-built, like spades for digging in solid soil and shovels for moving loose material like coal or grain.

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The 20-Something Myths That Stall Your Career and How to Fix Them

Clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay doesn't subscribe to the theory that your 20s are a throwaway time to just have fun and decide what you want to be when you grow up. While popular media often depicts 20-somethings as aimless wanderers lounging in extended adolescence, the truth, according to Jay, is that your 20s are your defining decade. In fact, that's the title of her new book,"The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter—and How to Make the Most of Them Now" and the inspiration for her TED talk, which proclaim that 30 is not the new 20, stressing the importance of that crucial time period post-college, especially when it comes to your career.

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8 Iconic Animal Actors

In Hollywood, behaving like an animal may get you blacklisted, banished or result in cancelled endorsement deals. That is, of course, unless you are an animal, in which case throwing stuff, taking impromptu naps, sniffing your co-stars in inappropriate places and relieving yourself next to the craft services table comes with the territory. To celebrate all the hardworking animal actors out there, we’ve wrangled up eight iconic and prolific animal thesps, domestic and wild, contemporary and dearly departed. In fairness, we’ve limited it to one animal actor per species as we certainly wouldn’t want hammy canines to rule the list.

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