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Top 10 Ultimate Post Apocalypse Movies

A Post-apocalyptic film is a sub-genre of science fiction, and is set in a world or civilization after nuclear war, plague, or some other general disaster. This list looks at ten of the ultimate films in this genre and it hopefully differs from the usual films found on these lists by introducing a few films that are less well known these days.

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9 Questions About Syria You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask

The United States and allies are preparing for a possibly imminent series of limited military strikes against Syria, the first direct U.S. intervention in the two-year civil war, in retaliation for President Bashar al-Assadís suspected use of chemical weapons against civilians. If you found the above sentence kind of confusing, or arenít exactly sure why Syria is fighting a civil war, or even where Syria is located, then this is the article for you. Whatís happening in Syria is really important, but it can also be confusing and difficult to follow even for those of us glued to it. Here, then, are the most basic answers to your most basic questions. First, a disclaimer: Syria and its history are really complicated; this is not an exhaustive or definitive account of that entire story, just some background, written so that anyone can understand it.

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10 Intimate Snapshots of Nurses Stationed in Vietnam

The Ď60s were an exciting time for womenís liberation. The second wave of feminism was well under way, and women were freer than ever. Unfortunately, though, this swinging era was also blighted by the Vietnam War, which had a huge impact on the collective psyche of the generation. Vietnam nurses, the majority of them female, faced enemy bombs, bullets, shells, overwork, and horrible conditions. And the brutal warfare devastated both sides, physically and mentally. Nursing was as noble a calling then as it is now, and the photographs of nurses during this period reflect an extraordinary combination of liberal cultural trends, harsh working environments, and making the most of a bad situation. Read on for ten poignant snapshots of nurses stationed in Vietnam.

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25 of the Best Photographs of the Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali

Our picture editor, Jonny Weeks, has selected his favourite photographs of Muhammad Ali from the archives. The selection includes pictures of some of Aliís most memorable fights as well as many distinctive portraits from his life outside the ring. The most famous photo of Ali ever taken is of him standing over Sonny Liston, who appeared to have thrown their 1965 bout. It was taken by Neil Leifer and was shot in colour. Spare a thought, then, for John Rooney, sat right beside Leifer, who captured this less-acclaimed version.

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10 Online Retailers Going From Clicks to Bricks

It's traditional retail loreóa company opens a store, expands its footprint to the Web and then works to integrate its online and in-store sales. But for some retailers, the opposite approach is more enticing. Despite the shift toward online shopping, a number of brands have turned the tables, first developing their virtual presence, and later moving into the physical space.

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The Men Behind Your 7 Favorite Liquors

Itís hard to walk down the aisle of a liquor store without running across a bottle bearing someoneís name. We put them in our cocktails, but how well do we know them? Hereís some biographical detail on the men behind your favorite tipples.

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10 Unusual Items to Grow in Your Garden

Thereís nothing like fresh vegetables from your own garden. All the hard work is rewarded when you take the first bite. The freshness you get from the garden to your table canít be bought in a store. When most people think about vegetable gardens, they think of tomatoes or corn on the cob. Hereís some less common, but fun things you can grow.

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25 Home Remedies for Athlete's Foot

Blame the advertising man who misnamed it in the 1930s, but athlete's foot has nothing to do with athletes. It's a fungal infection of the feet. Also known as tinea pedis, or "ringworm of the feet," it has nothing to do with worms either. The Trichophyton fungus that causes the redness, itching, cracking, and scaling of athlete's foot can also infect the scalp, where it causes hair loss and scaly patches; the body, where it causes round, red, scaly patches that itch; and the groin, where the so-called "jock itch" causes itching and thickening of the skin. So what causes athlete's foot?

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10 Amazing Ant Farms Fit For A Queen

What is this, a farm for ants?? Yes, yes it is, and you can forget Farmville because back to nature is where itís at! These 10 amazing ant farms combine the best features of aquariums, art, furniture and pets in a low-maintenance, eco-friendly, educational format. AntWorks is based on the actual ant farm concept launched into space in 2006 so NASA scientists could study how ants live, function and reproduce in zero gravity. Iím sure those high-speed cosmic rays didnít affect them at all, and imagine how well theyíd do in your apartment! The farmís clear acrylic plastic container contains translucent nutrient gel so you donít have to feed your antsÖ and they wonít come out late at night looking for food, either.

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Five Things You Should Know About Before Shacking Up With a Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is running rampant these days. And if you're a lady who goes for the kind of guy who writes songs, wears TOMS shoes and has grown a beard at some point in the last two years, you've most likely slept with, dated or cohabited with a vegetarian. In the past three years of being a single (omnivorous) woman and then finally landing THE relationship, I had romantic encounters of varying degrees with four (count 'em) vegetari-men. And now I shall share my wisdom with you in this non-gender specific list outlining the perils and pitfalls of falling in love with a vegetarian. (You're welcome).

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Top 10 Sequels Gone Awry

While itís easy to look at the machinations of the commercially-driven studio system as inherently anti-artist, the truth is, most people just donít want to expend all that much effort to yield a significant return. And so, when coming off the heels of a significant financial success, the average producer will usually want to double-down on that formula Ė bring back as much of the original talent, simply conclude ďhey, they seem to know what theyíre doing!Ē, and pretty much let them do as they wish. This process has resulted in some of the nuttiest, most inspired cinema of the modern era; works that arenít always entirely successful, but which give me eternal hope for innovation and boundary-pushing in an increasingly micro-managed medium.

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11 Horrifically Violent Animal Mating Rituals

Is there anything cuter than a baby seal? There is when it's been crushed to death by a horde of frisky male seals who wanted to get in the action when they heard another couple mating. Think that's a rare occurrence? Think again. Some colonies have been known to lose 2/3 of their cubs this way. That's why the babies grow up so darn fast Ėthe sooner they bulk up, the sooner they can avoid being crushed to death. Of course, babies aren't the only ones at risk. The male Southern Elephant Seal often crushes the female's skull in his jaws during copulation and female Monk Seals are often mobbed to de*th by excited males when they go into heat. In fact, endangered seal species are some of the only at-risk creatures to be put on libido-suppressing drugs in order to stop them from sexing themselves into extinction

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