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12 People Who Are Clearly Not Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

The world is full of stupid people; itís just one of those facts we all know and live with as we carefully step through each and every day of our lives. Sometimes, when we watch television, or read magazines, we pay particular attention to some of these people, in morbid curiosity, as they do what they do best ó make fools of themselves. While there may be billions of fools out there, these 12 very famous people have been deemed fit to be recognized as being dumber than a fifth grader.

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90 Incredible Skulltastic Designs and Artworks

A while back, I remember meeting a person on Twitter that wanted us to do a skull based collection. At the time (almost everyday) I was very busy. Now with more time, I decided to accommodate his request. So if you are reading this my friend we hope you enjoy this, you know who you are. Kinda crazy to think a simple item like a skull could have so many creative outcomes. The relationship that artist and designers have with skulls is unexplainable. Usually when people think of a skull, they automatically symbolize it with death. Some of the artworks listed below express that fact quite a few times. While we cannot escape it, death scares some people. If you hate skulls, then obviously this collection is not for you.

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8 Incredible Trips You'll Never Be Able To Afford

Why stick to a travel budget when you can spend more than you'll make in a lifetime on a single 40-day vacation? From over-the-top alcohol tasting to cruises too fancy for their own good, you'll probably only take these trips in your wildest dreams... and that's perfectly reasonable. Guests at the Eden Rock Hotel's oceanfront Villa Rockstar can record their own album using the same console John Lennon used to record "Imagine." You'll also have a butler, whiskey bar, swimming pool and your "choice of cars" from the garage.

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The 13 Most Epic Hot Girl Gun FAILs

These hot girls have two tickets to the gun show (and have absolutely no upper arm strength). Here are the greatest close-call gun accidents in (non-fictional) hot girl gun history. Sure, the dudes often have better videos, but the hot girls sometimes wear bikinis.

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Top 5 Discoveries by Mars Rover Curiosity So Far

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity has only been exploring the Red Planet since last August, but the robot has already racked up quite a string of accomplishments. For starters, the rover's dramatic "seven minutes of terror" touchdown successfully demonstrated a new technique that can land big payloads with unprecedented precision, potentially helping pave the way for human outposts on the Red Planet. And then there's the science. Curiosity was tasked with determining if its Gale Crater landing site has ever been capable of supporting microbial life, and the car-size robot managed to answer that question just seven months into a planned two-year surface mission.

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8 Ways to Refresh a Room Instantly

Could your house use some reviving? Upgrade bland decor and lifeless designs with thrifty tips and tricks that you can either do yourself or buy in stores. Read on for brilliant ideas thatíll help you fall in love with your home all over again.

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9 Ways to Ensure You Don't Get the Job

Different jobs require different qualities in an employee--so what a hiring manager is looking for will vary from interview to interview. But there are some behaviors that decision-makers agree are especially annoying. We asked several hiring managers for their interviewee pet peeves--and for their take on what a job applicant can do to get his or her resume tossed into the recycling bin. If you're looking for a job, be warned.

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The 50 Greatest Internet Memes of 2012

These are the best internet memes of 2012. Funny memes happen once in a blue moon, but new memes happen about 10 times per day at this point.

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Top 10 Grossest Recycling Projects

Recycling industry is raising a stink and toilets seem to have become its new research lab. Researchers have taken recycling to extremes with body discharges as their new target of attention. With an annual per capita production 130 gallons of urine and 13 gallons of feces, scientists sure have an endless supply of human waste. Animal waste, too, has brought good cheer. From beauty products to papers, here is what extreme recyclers are creating by going down the drain.

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10 Worst Food Contamination Outbreaks

If you think about, eating is a risky activity. Unless you grow and prepare your own food 100 percent of the time, you don't know where a lot of your meals come from, how their components were raised or grown, or whether or not their components have gone through the proper cleansing processes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in six Americans fall ill, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases each year. Throughout history, especially recent history in which incidences are better documented and publicized, there have been numerous food contamination outbreaks that produced serious consequences for a multitude of unsuspecting consumers ó thank goodness for reliable health insurance. These are 10 of the worst and most memorable to occur domestically.

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