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5 Amazing Infographics For the Health Conscious

Researching topics such as health, diet, and (especially) the effectiveness of dietary supplements can be hard and time-consuming. Obscured by thousands of marketing tricks, finding the truth takes days, if not weeks of research. So, when someone puts in the time to do the research and create an infographic that makes certain aspects of these topics easy to understand, it can be a huge time saver. Read on for some of the best health-related infographics we’ve found online. As always, consider the figures in these infographics with a grain of salt. No one guarantees that the numbers are correct, and some of them are definitely open to interpretation.

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11 Things We Can Expect in the Future According to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Science fiction has always brought us interesting views of our potential future. Some of them are compelling and hopeful, like Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future in Star Trek. Others are dark and foreboding like Space: Above and Beyond. Then there are series that seem to combine the two like Babylon 5 or Earth: Final Conflict. However, in all of television based science fiction, there is no universe quite as unique as the one featured in the '70s "hit" Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. For those unacquainted with the series, Astronaut Buck Rogers is a stranger in a strange land, having been accidentally cryogenically frozen while on a "Deep Space probe" in 1987. Having been blown into a very wide orbit, Buck plays the role of Popsicle for the next 500 years, until being discovered by the Draconians near Earth in the year 2491. However, Earth is not quite what he remembers.

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30 Spectacular Examples of Reflective Photography

Reflection Photography is always reflects on some remarkable effects and spice up interesting composition. This photo involves different kind of photographs and can be explored like a mirror of reflection in water, reflection of objects, inspiration and reflective surface. You can digg deep on this beautiful hidden imagination of nature. Today’s Collection highlights the water reflection surface of nature that we see in daily life. Photographers capturing a stunning moments of reflection effect and give us a chance of seeing this impressive beauty of reality of colors.

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7 Times When It's Okay To Dumpster Dive

Back in our salad days, my husband and I outfitted much of our New Orleans apartment with dumpster dive goodies. We found our coffee table in the trash behind a defunct Japanese restaurant. Some serious sanding removed the cigarette burns and -- presto! -- we had a unique centerpiece for our living room. We next culled a wrought-iron headboard from the flea market dumpster. It's pre-antiqued look was ideal for our French Quarter home. Soon our walls were covered with posters, tapestries and hand-woven rugs rescued from other trash bins. All these finds, not to mention many an unusual nick and knack, gave our slave-quarters apartment a unique flair for nearly nothing. We were just kids, justifiably proud of our dumpster dive finds. Many years later, however, I still find it difficult to pass a well-stuffed trash barrel without peeking in, particularly during the spring days when students in our college town are trashing unwanted belongings. Old habits die hard. Besides, there's something criminal about sending perfectly good consumer goods to our overflowing landfill.

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Current Top 10 Snowiest US Cities

The first number is the current spot the city is on the snow mountain. The second number is where the city was at the end of the last update. We will be switching it to how the city started this season and then the current updated place as the cities receive snowfall totals. This is where the Top Ten Snowiest US Cities leading so far in the new Golden Snow Globe Contest will be updated. Does your city have what it takes to stay in the top 10. All of the cities will be on a rolling system with only the top ten snowiest cities here on the main page. That meaning that if your number 10 and another city passes you, poof, your gone from this section. Can your city stay in the top ten is the question?

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6 Flight Attendants Gone Wild

They’re authoritative, courteous, and could win an Olympic gold in Complimentary Beverage Pouring. But flight attendants have baggage, too. Read on for 6 first-class examples of flight attendants who brought their own turbulence to the job.

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Jacky’s Sass: 12 Movie Sequels That Surprisingly Didn’t Suck

The recurrence of bad movie sequels has become a pandemic in Hollywood. Just hearing the word “sequel” often results in feelings of skepticism and hesitation in movie goers everywhere, and who can blame them? It’s like clockwork; after experiencing a huge hit movie, Hollywood pumps out a sequel to ride the coattails of its success; almost always resulting in a horrific movie that does little to no justice to it’s original. Since there are hundreds of lame movie sequels (94 of them deriving from Bring It On or Step Up movies) Jacky’s Sass took on the challenge, and identified 12 movie sequels this week that didn’t suck, and that actually may have been better than their originals.

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3 Health Foods That Really Aren't

You may not spend your days scoffing pizza and cheeseburgers, but there are many foods that sound pretty healthy, even diet-friendly, but when you delve a little deeper, they are quite the opposite. Wonder around your local supermarket and check out the nutrition labels on many of the products available -- it's enough to put your head in a spin. Mostly, I blame food manufacturers, with their bold-faced claims, highlighting whatever good points they can dig up, and using tiny type to hide the less beneficial. You've seen it all before I'm sure, with claims like "organic," "natural," or "vitamin enhanced." Sometimes though, it's because of our own misunderstandings about what is healthy, and not health.

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10 Sports Involving Pumpkins

When you think of pumpkin competitions, the first thing that comes to mind is the race to grow the world's largest pumpkin. But if you can't spend all year nursing your garden fruits, there are plenty of other fun things to do with a pumpkin. And some people take those things very seriously.

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Drink Watch: 39 Trending Cocktails We Love

We're all about a good cocktail and we know you are too—so welcome to our first-ever, slightly scientific, slightly gut instinct-based roundup of the very best in mixology from around the country. Each month we'll scour the U.S. to bring you the hottest, most unique cocktails from the nation's trendiest bars, so you can whip one up at home or treat yourself at a local hotspot. Check back regularly to get the latest and greatest "signature cocktail" inspiration at your fingertips.

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20 Famous Film Star Dogs

Hollywood isn't just a mans world but a dogs heaven too. Countless famous dogs have graced our TV screens and we've cried and smiled for many of them. They bring a different flavor to films with their lovable gaze and incomprehensible barking that we somehow always seem to understand. The many films with Dog stars in them have shown us that these pets are very smart, caring and loyal creatures. So lets not fail to recognize their hard work in keeping us entertained by remembering who the 20 Famous Film Star Dogs are.

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7 Landmarks Perfect for Surviving a Zombie Attack

When the zombie apocalypse comes (and it is coming), you can rejoice in the fact that the shotgun, samurai sword and survival supplies you stashed under your bed will finally be of use. After the frantic fun of the initial onslaught, where you alleviate your frustrations with some mindless mayhem, it’s time to get practical and figure out where you can weather the undead storm.

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