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5 Famous Mutts From History

Owners of mixed-breed dogs often say their pets are inherently healthier and more intelligent than purebreds. But ask dog breeders, and they'll likely point to the meticulous testing and matching they undergo to ensure a healthy, well-behaved dog. Few studies have been done that extensively compare mixed breeds and purebreds, but one thing is for sure: Purebreds tend to get a lot more attention. These dogs often sell for thousands of dollars, and only purebreds are eligible to compete in the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. But mixed-breeds still get their time in the spotlight. In honor of National Mutt Day check out these five famous mutts who have made their mark on history.

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10 Ways the Opium Poppy has Changed the World

Papaver Somniferum, the Opium Poppy, has been considered one of the most influential, as well as interesting things in the world for thousands of years. For those unfamiliar with it, the poppy produces opium, the euphoric painkiller that is the starting point for heroin. Depictions of the plant have been traced back to the Sumerians of 6000 years ago. The beautiful flower has been worshiped as a gift from the gods, and just the same has been feared for its potential to destroy millions of lives. Rather you see them as divine, or quite the opposite, itís hard to argue how much influence theyíve had in our world. Here are ten particular areas that the plant and its drug have dramatically impacted.

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10 Little-Known Facts About Katy Perry

It seemed like only yesterday that Katy Perry was singing about kissing a girl and waking up flat broke in Vegas. The 25-year-old superstar has made quite a name for herself over the past two years, and not all the press has been good press. Most recently Katy was slammed for her appearance on the eternally innocent PBS program Sesame Street. Many parents were appalled at her low cut, cleavage-baring dress, and the episode (originally set to air on New Yearís Eve) was nixed. Being the good sport that she is, Katy took it in stride and even joked about the cancellation with her husband-to-be Russell Brand via Twitter.

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17 Cauliflower Dishes You're To Love

Cauliflower is having a moment. It might even be poised to dethrone health food darling kale. Not only is this veggie full of good-for-you stuff like vitamins A and C, it also makes for a fabulous grain substitute. Making an appearance as everything from "rice" to pizza crust, cauliflower is about to be your new best friend.

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The 5 Top Insults You Should Only Use When Youíre Sure Your Relationship Is Over

So your relationship is over and all those feelings of aggression, anger, disgust and mental anguish have come to a head. If you donít lash-out in a verbal assault of profanities and low-blows youíre just going to explode. You want toóneed toóget a few last jabs in at the ex before the door hits her in the ass. Itís okay to vent. Just remember, once you say it, you canít take it back. If you dare to use any of the top 5 insults on your ex, you need to be sure of two things first; that youíll never, ever want her back, and that you can outrun her!

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10 Unsettling Facts about Diet Soda

We've all heard that if you're going to drink sodas, choose diet. This may seem like the best option for diabetics and people who are watching their weight, but there is more to consider when drinking diet sodas than just calories. We may not know exactly what these carbonated colas are doing to our bodies, but there is plenty of research that suggests they aren't doing much good.

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Top 10 Most Confusing Films

I have watched quite a few films in my life, and the more I watch them, the more I wonder, what is the point? I mean, sure, there are plenty of movies that have obvious answers to your questions, but sometimes, a picture comes around that makes you ask more questions than the answers you receive. Itís these films that make or break a career. Some may be considered the greatest thing ever, and some may be considered the worst thing ever, but theyíll all end up making you scratch your head in. Warning: this list contains spoilers.

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10 of the Dumbest Cops Ever

From a cop who shot himself while giving a gun safety lesson, to another one who called 911 because he believed he was dying from an overdose of marijuana brownies: meet ten of the worst policemen ever.

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The 50 Best Movie Twists

Horror fans, and lovers of genre-invigorating cinema in general, youíre in for one hell of a surprise this weekend. Opening in theaters nationwide, and hopefully becoming the first movie to dethrone The Hunger Games as the new box office chart-topper (wishful thinking, we know), The Cabin in the Woods (co-written by producer Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard) is many things: Itís a total deconstruction of nearly every horror movie clichť, trope, and supernatural antagonist; itís the best and smartest meta-horror film since 1996ís Scream, and arguably better than Wes Cravenís tongue-in-cheek slasher flick, at that; and itís the yearís best, not to mention most giddily off-the-rails, movie thus far.

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6 Completely Accidental Inventions

Forget spending days, months and years thinking of the next big thing, these inventions were the consequence of sheer dumb luck and coincidence.

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