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10 Really Cool DIY Gadgets That Will Take You No More Than 5 Minutes

Do-it-yourself is a popular topic online: there are hundreds of tutorials and how-tos. But most of them are too hard to replicate and require too much time, effort and skill. This collection shares 10 cool things you can do at home with no more than 5 minutes spent: great ideas for DIY gifts and fun gadgets.

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5 Train Stations Worth a Stop

Most people who travel by train on a regular basis rush through the station so quickly, they never stop to appreciate their surroundings. But some railway terminals deserve a long admiring look for their beauty, their heritage and their engineering accomplishments. In the past, Brussels and Antwerp might have cast a skeptical eye toward Liège, Belgium's third-largest metro area, but their skepticism turned to envy when the stunning steel and glass Liège-Guillemins Station, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, was unveiled in 2009. It's a remarkable achievement, not least because during the 10 years of its construction, the trains to and from Liège were never shut down. "It was very important for us to have an architect who had (designed) stations before and knew how to prevent the problems," said Louis Maraite, a spokesman for SNCB-Holding, which operates Belgium's rail stations. Here are five that are on the right track.

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8 Facts Revealed by Genetic Analysis of the Platypus

You’ve heard the joke: “After God finished making all the animals, He took the leftover parts and made the platypus.” While the platypus does not, in fact, have an actual beaver’s tail nor a duck’s bill, genetic analysis proves that the platypus is confounding well beyond its external mismatched/mish-mashed characteristics.

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The 15 Hottest Female Fighters in Martial Arts Movies

As a boy, you’d run away if the girl whose hair you pulled on the playground answered with a smack. Nowadays, you’re a man grown. And a lady who can kick, punch, and headbutt while looking like a model fresh off the catwalk is a marvel. After all, she can double as your date and your bodyguard. She’ll look hot all through karaoke then back you up if the biker guy with enough rings to qualify as brass knuckles runs his mouth. She’ll have your back if a plague hits and mutant zombies overtake our planet. And if you ever have to race off on any sort of quest, she’ll be right there next to you with her killer uppercut.

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40 Gargoyles and Grotesques Around the World

In architecture, a gargoyle is a carved stone grotesque, usually made of granite, with a spout designed to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar between. Architects often used multiple gargoyles on buildings to divide the flow of rainwater off the roof to minimize the potential damage from a rainstorm. Gargoyles are usually an elongated fantastic animal because the length of the gargoyle determines how far water is thrown from the wall. A grotesque is a sculpture that does not work as a waterspout and serves only an ornamental or artistic function. Both gargoyles and grotesques are said to frighten off and protect those it guards from any evil or harmful spirits.

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10 Horror Movies That Changed the Genre

As long as movies have existed, filmmakers have been telling horror stories. George Melies' Le Manoir du diable, a silent, three-minute French film from 1896, is generally recognized as the first horror film ever made, coming just a few years after the medium was invented. Since then, horror films have undergone constant changes, growing in tandem with mainstream entertainment and doing their own part to advance filmmaking technology, push the envelope for what's appropriate in film, and get people talking about movies. It's probably fair to say that there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of horror films that have changed the genre in one way or another, but of all these, a few stand out as especially powerful, or gripping, or revolutionary. These are the films that didn't just make a cultural impact or earn decent revenue; they redefined what horror films looked like, period.

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4 Common Scams And How To Avoid Them

Believe it or not, there are people out there who want your money and will do sneaky things to get it. Crazy, right? There are some new and super tricky ways these scammers have come up with to separate you from your hard-earned cash, so let’s read up with a How Not To list from the Chicago Tribune and get prepared.

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10 Tips to Pay Less Rent

Thankfully, my rent-paying days are long over. But for some of you, they may be your current reality. This guest post comes from Chris Thorman, who blogs about landlord software at Software Advice. It’s based on a post he wrote called How to Negotiate Your Rent in 2010 | A 10-Step Guide. Here are his 10 steps to pay less rent.

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25 No-Nonsense Ways to Power Up Your Productivity

With tons of things to do and seemingly less and less time in the day, being productive is a core requirement to the lives of most freelancing creative professionals. Put simply, being more productive means we get more done, and it shouldn’t require twenty cups of coffee daily to do so, even if you’re feeling low in energy. In fact there are numerous no-nonsense methods you can use right now to feel and act more productively, and have time left over to chill out.

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6 People Who'll Inspire You This Year

Motivation is a tricky thing. We need it in every aspect of our lives: to get up in the morning and go to work, to start (and finish) that 10-page paper, to do laundry after a long day. Yet the motivation to get healthy often eludes us. It hides in the form of excuses -- excuses for why we can't go to the gym or cook a healthy meal, why we can't get enough sleep or make time for ourselves. Often we lack motivation because we lack inspiration.

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