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5 Halloween Crafts So Easy It’s Spooky!

Whether you’re hosting a haunted Halloween party or looking to spook-ify your front porch for trick-or-treaters, there’s one item that can help you do it all: the classic Ball brand mason jar. This Halloween, skip that trip (or four) to the party store and create your own ghoulish Halloween décor with minimal supplies. You can make and reuse these Halloween crafts annually, bring the Halloween crafts into the office to decorate your desk or even fill the jars with candy and give out to guests at a party.

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31 Reasons You Miss Halloween in the '90s

Halloween in the 1990s was a magical time for trick or treating, and if you ever got to dress up like a Power Ranger and hunt for the best Halloween candy in a McDonald's Happy Meal bucket, you know this to be the truth. It was a time when every other costume wasn't something meme-related, when pop culture was still gleaned exclusively from what TV/Movie/Magazine companies wanted you to see and before Leg Avenue started making sexy costumes for dogs. The best parts of Halloween in the '90s are here on this list of the very best '90s Halloween nostalgia and nostalgia-related toys, candy, commercials, decorations, trends, costumes and more, so that you can yearn for the times when you walked the streets in a vinyl costume that was really just an expensive, uncomfortable, sweaty pair of pajamas that you'd have to wear a jacket on top of anyway.

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The 15 Most Amazing Pumpkins You Will See This Halloween

Villafane Studios is home to three incredible artists that specialize in creating the most jaw-dropping pumpkin carvings you have ever seen. Started by Ray Villafane in 2004, he is joined by Andy Bergholtz and Chris Vierra. The trio travel the globe demonstrating their amazing talent and have won countless events and competitions. Below you will find a small selection of their fantastic artwork. On their website you can see much more, as well as find video tutorials and pumpkin carving sets available through their online store. To keep up with the latest, check them out at the links below.

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Top 10 Best U.S Halloween Party Destinations

Parties are one of the most thrilling event in the great Halloween night. Without a rocking sexy party , Halloween is just a piece of boring stuff or feels like a local party of some friends and family members. So to make your night a memorable fun, there are a lot of Halloween Party Destinations which are worth visiting to enjoy the all night non ending fun and to have some freaky and creepy moments with the guys and gals up there in the parties. As we told earlier that United States is really very much popular in celebrating Halloween than any other country on the planet , we have gathered a list of the Top 10 Best U.S Halloween Party Destinations which should not be missed at any case to get the full out of them. Some of the party places are general and they allow everyone to have fun whatever they want but others have adult themed content which do allow special ones in the party for couples and balls to have a really bombastic night ever.

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20 Fun And Creative Halloween Costume Ideas For Families

Dressing up and going trick-or-treating with your kids is a big part of Halloween for most parents, and even if the little one isn't old enough to walk around town on their own it's still great fun to dress them up. Here's a collection of parent and child, or entire family, costume ideas to inspire and delight.

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The Simpsons: 10 Best Treehouse Of Horror Episodes

Nothing screams Halloween like a television special! There’s just something colossally amazing about combining this eerily entertaining holiday with our favorite primetime stars, and none have done it better than the Simpsons. In October, 1990 everyone’s favorite yellow family had their first creepy caper in what would go on to become an annual treat. Though it’s true that beyond a certain point the series – and consequently the specials – began to decline in appeal, the Simpsons will forever remain an integral part of Halloween tv history.

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20 Devilishly Delicious Halloween Appetizers

Halloween is the one time of the year when we can celebrate ghosts, goblins and all things that go bump in the night—so the food should be in on the fun! If you’re hosting a holiday party, delight your guests with an assortment of scary snacks and creepy creations. Keep things festive but simple, serving up a range of finger foods that are easy to munch on while mingling. From ham–and-cheese-filled Pumpkin Patch Bites to Bloodshot Deviled Eyeballs, here are 20 recipes that will keep the party going long after the witching hour.

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13 Bizarre Music Videos For Halloween

Because Listverse’s best lists are the ones pertaining to the bizarre, music, videos, or holidays, I am pulling out all the stops to bring you this compilation of thirteen music videos sure to raise the spook factor. Some are fun, some are creative, some are creepy, and all of them are bizarre in their own way. So curl up, turn off the lights, and crank the volume.

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18 of Halloween’s Creepiest Cakes

Most of the time, the word "cake" is usually accompanied by adjectives like "sweet" and "beautiful." We are used to gazing at cakes and admiring their loveliness or marveling at their artistry. It isn’t often that we seek out a cake that makes our spine tingle and our stomach quiver. But when Halloween rolls around, we can’t help but marvel in the gory glory that the season calls for. Bakers are constantly pushing the boundaries of cake design. With each passing season, the cakes get more elaborate and the details get more intricate. Throw in the added task of making a cake that would make Dracula run away faster than a throwing a bulb of garlic at him would and you have yourself a challenge worth accepting. With limitless options of how to create a cake that makes us shake in our boots, inspiration lurks behind every door.

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34 Babies In Halloween Costumes The Whole World Needs To See

Recently, HuffPost Parents featured 39 baby Halloween costumes that were the cutest of the cute, and asked our readers to share Halloween photos as well. The pictures we received were collectively adorable, and we couldn't resist showing you even more dressed-up babies (not that you're complaining).

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