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Top 10 SCI-FI Planet Destroying Starships

In space no-one can hear you scream but if these planet destroyers are anything to go by then that’s probably a good thing. Wholesale destruction is a noisy business so put your earmuffs on and cast your eyes down the following explosive Top Ten.

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Learn 6 Basic Lightroom Tools in 6 Minutes

While most will agree that there is a point where you can over-edit your images, a little post-processing can be very beneficial. In this video, Rob guides you through the process of using Lightroom’s most basic functions. The tools he uses may only be a fraction of those available, but they are the most important, and the ones that will quickly give you much more appealing images.

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Top 10 Legal Addictions

In the Eighties, Nancy Reagan led a militant campaign to do away with drugs, from the backs of schoolyards to the cartels of Columbia. However, when her husband ultimately succumbed to Alzheimer’s, you didn’t see her telling him to “just say NO” to his medication. There’s a clear double-standard on how drugs are handled in this country, but there seems to be one unifying principle: if the government can somehow make a profit, it’s a-okay as far as the law goes. Nonetheless, substance abuse and addiction rages at full force on both sides of the law, and feigning an injury is a much less risky way to acquire an opiate than to cross the border and smuggle a plastic-wrapped portion of suspicious black goop. Addiction is good business for all involved. Here are ten of the leading examples of those which the law doesn’t frown upon (mostly because it has no feeling left in its face). Note: virtually all of these addictions can be satiated at any convenience or grocery store, and purchased with an EBT card (and if that’s not enabling, there’s no such thing).

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Top 10 Abused Prescription Drugs

Nowadays, more so than ever before, getting high doesn’t have to involve a trip to the projects to ask a sketchy man on the sidewalk for drugs. It can be as simple as opening up the medicine cabinet and eating two or three pills. With medicine being abused so rampantly, I believe it is beneficial for parents and friends alike to be aware of what prescription drugs can be abused, and just what these substances do to one’s body.

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10 Truly Awful Ways To Be Killed By An Animal

Nature is beautiful, but it can also be deadly, and sometimes, just downright nasty. Here’s a list of ten horrible ways in which animals can kill you. There are many more, but I’m sure these would be enough to give anyone nightmares.

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The 33 Definitive Greatest Film Supercuts of All Time

With all these film supercuts, Mega-Cuts, compilations and mash-ups going around, it's time to put them in one place (and attribute the credit accordingly, of course.) Here is the definitive list of (worth-watching) film supercuts, mash-ups, compilations or whatever you call them. From Nic Cage "losing his s**t" to bullies coming up with creative insults to dancing, here is a constantly-updating list of film supercuts so you can watch them all at once, then go outside and realize how nice it is to be away from a computer. And then go back to your master immediately!

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33 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie Titanic

In celebration of Titanic's return to theaters, here's a collection of facts about the movie you probably didn't know.

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10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About

Youtube – You know that site with videos and all. Yeah! It turns out that its quite popular and you happen to visit and use it quite often. Instead of just searching and playing here are some top Youtube URL tricks that you should know about.

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Obamas

I've been covering the Obamas for five years for the New York Times, watching their transformation from promising Chicago couple to President and First Lady of the United States. Here are a few surprising things I learned about them, from my book “The Obamas,” out in paperback this week. By Election Day 2008, she was quietly contemplating sitting out the school year in Chicago with her daughters and moving over the summer. In retrospect, this shows just how new she was to the presidency: there’s no way the nation would have approved of a commuter First Lady. But her apprehension was also understandable, because living in the world’s most famous house-museum-military complex with two young kids is far more challenging than it looks.

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10 People Who Found Big Money And Returned It

Imagine you’re in a department store looking through handbags and stumble across one loaded with $100 bills. Or the new house you just moved into has a hidden door in the ceiling, behind which you discover trash bags stuffed with cash. What would you do? Pay off a few bills? Fix the car? Get that special something you’ve been wanting for a long time? But what about that little voice in the back of your head telling you that money doesn’t just grow in handbags or attics? Someone probably lost or misplaced it, and they’d appreciate having it back. Could you fight off the temptation to keep it, and return the money?

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10 Rifles You Should Own Before You Die

In the introduction of “The Rifle Book,” Jack O’Connor wrote, “To me the rifle has always been the most romantic of all weapons, and of all rifles the one I love most is the rifle for big game… I like a handgun, I hold a shotgun in high regard; but rifles—well, I love the darned things.” Here you'll find a subjective list of the ones I believe you should own at some time in your life, and why.

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10 Flying Cars That Are Just Around the Corner

When people talk about the future, there are probably three things that they consider to be truly futuristic: cures for all diseases (to make sex risk free), virtual reality (to make sex effortless) and flying cars (to make sex more awesome). In terms of the latter, the possibility of quick, easy and faster flight would revolutionize cities and our lives as a whole the way automobiles did in the last 100 years. We’ve been working on the idea since before the Wright brothers had their 12 second money shot in 1903, but judging by the current offerings, it might be a little while longer before we get there.

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