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25 Incredibly Powerful Lightning Strikes

Although most of us have developed a healthy fear of being struck by lightning that prevents us from running around in thunderstorms holding umbrellas, one of nature’s scariest wonders is also one of its most magnificent, at least when viewed from the relative safety of your computer screen. Keep in mind though, your chances of dying due to a lightning strike are greatly dwarfed by some other incredibly insane ways to die. At any rate, these are 25 incredibly powerful lightning strikes, they’re beautifully dangerous.

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50 Absolutely Stylish Vintage and Retro Graphic Wallpapers

Here is a new addition to our wallpapers collection that is based on Retro and vintage wallpapers. These two fundamentals are becoming more and trendier and have been used in a variety of design contexts. So here we are presenting a memorable image of Retro and Vintage years that usually refers to the decades before our present day, up to the last century. Hope you’ll like this collection. Please feel free to share your opinion by dropping a line in the comment box. You are welcome if you want to share more beautiful and impressive Vintage and Retro Graphic Wallpapers that our readers/viewers may like.

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10 Longest Suspension Bridges Around the World

Bridges play an important role for humanity. Their presence can reduce the time spent on the road, overcoming obstacles (rivers, ponds, precipice) blank that is valuable both from an economic and from a practical point of view. Bridges are distinguished by two main parameters: skipping load (rail, road, walking, combined) and the static scheme (beam, truss, spacers, pontoon). Below is a list of the longest suspension bridges, which are categorized spacer systems. Their main difference is considered to be the primary load-bearing structure made of flexible elements working in tension; Thus, the roadway is in limbo.

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10 States With The Strictest Gun Laws

For the fifth year in a row, the Brady Campaign has issued a 100-point scorecard ranking all 50 states on the basis of laws that can reduce gun violence, such as background checks on all gun sales, permit-to-purchase requirements and limiting handgun purchases to one a month. Their report ranks states for laws that were enacted by the end of 2011. The Brady Campaign is the nation's largest citizens' lobby to prevent gun violence. Here is the top 10 list of the states with the strictest gun laws.

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11 Pro Gun Celebrities – Yes, They Do Exist!

It’s a common misconception that all celebrities are liberal, anti gun snobs. This is simple not true. Just like in any group of people there are those who support and those who oppose private gun ownership and self defense. Now, I’m sure many of you who normally despise keeping up with celebrities are thinking, “Hey GunsSaveLives, why should we care what these celebrities think?” Good question, and the answer is simple, it’s good, positive exposure for private gun ownership. You might not care what some celebrities think, but a lot of people [sadly] do, so having some on our side certainly doesn’t hurt.

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Top 10 Questionable Fast Food Additives

We live in a society that appreciates convenience over substance; this is true in multitudinous ways, but none so visible as in the way we eat. Being able to eat on the go and with little to no added effort or cost on the receiving end is a cherished attribute of living in the century we do. Unfortunately, this is done with little knowledge or regard for what actually goes into the trappings of that foil wrapper or styrofoam clamshell. The truth of the matter may be a little more than your stomach can handle (even if you did Supersize your order). Here are 10 questionable – and some downright scary – additives which can be found in your fast food, whether you like it or not.

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6 Things to Check Before Upgrading To Windows 7

In my previous article, I talked about the reasons for making the switch to Windows 7. Hoping that those reasons convinced you to upgrade, I am back with an article that talks about six things you should check before you start the process of upgrading to Windows 7. While upgrading might sound intimidating to someone who's not computer savvy, it isn't that difficult if one knows beforehand what he needs and how he should proceed. This post aims to address that. Here's the list. Check it out.

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Top 10 Intense Three-Way Rivalries

This list is a response to the list entitled Top Ten Ultimate Rivalries published in The Ultimate Book of Top Ten Lists. The premise is simple: to count down ten great rivalries that include not just two, but exactly three diametrically opposed sides from categories ranging from history and sports to beauty and business. So with that, we might as well say it right now: Let’s get our three-way on.

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James Bond’s 50 Sexiest Pics

Happy birthday, Mr. Bond! Let’s lift a martini (shaken, not stirred) — or whatever the hell he’s drinking these days - in honor of the 007's first big-screen appearance 50 years ago today. We mark the grand occasion in the best way we know how, with 50 Sexy James Bond Images! Enjoy hot pictures of Bonds past and present: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig...

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10 Weird Self-Inflating Animal Species

Animals have many strange ways of behaving and communicating. In this unique account, we examine 10 remarkable inflatable animal species. Just like party balloons, these creatures use air sacs, throat pouches, or their entire bodies to fill themselves with air. Their bizarre displays may feature in mating displays, amplify vocal messages to rivals, or, in the case of one otherwise well-known species, simply keep it afloat while sleeping.

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10 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A House

Buying a home is a trying and complicated process. It often strains relationships and puts an enormous amount of stress on buyers physically, mentally and financially. That's why the folks at the Boston Globe have put together this list of 10 things to keep in mind as you weather the home-buying storm.

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Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes, According to You

tar Trek: The Next Generation tried "to envision a future better than the present that we live in," said reader MikkiTii, one of two winners of our Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season One Blu-ray giveaway. "Few ever really tried that before, and no one I can think of has tried since. Instead we have only endless visions of dystopia, killer robots, post-apocalyptic suffering or terror descended from the stars." "I watched the very first episode in 1987 with my father," added reader oldskul68, who also won. "My father's gone now, but watching The Next Generation with my son reminds me of those times, 25 years ago, when me and my dad would step out of reality for an hour and dream of a world where humankind was united, and the problems we face today no longer exist."

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