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5 Most Scenic Roads in America

One of the most rewarding experiences while driving is enjoying the scenery around you. Whether you are in a convertible with the mountain breeze blowing in your hair or leaning your bike over to the ground, scenery makes a drive all that much better. With drivers' roads scattered all over the US, here is a list of the top 5 scenic drives to experience at least once. This road, going along the entire coast of California from the tip of Oregon to the very bottom of California is treacherous - but downright gorgeous. With jagged rocks on one side, and sharp fall-offs into the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean on the other, it's best to pull over and gaze at its beauty rather than trying to capture it while shifting through the gears!

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4 Reasons Rob Zombie Is A God-Like Genius

Rob Zombie is a man that has inspired millions to avoid his very name and millions of others to not just listen to his albums, but head to the multiplex for a little taste as well. The man sports long hair, weird clothes and looks like he hasn’t showered in a week. Throw in the fact that his filmography is filled with violent, bloody and dark horror films and it’s hard to really know what to make of the guy. His music has managed to find major success and his films are no different. He remade two Halloween films which garnered mainstream success and gained a cult following with horror fans with his first two films (House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects). He’ll next be gambling with another low budget, dark film for audiences to feast on: The Lords of Salem.

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The 100 Sexiest Actresses Over 40

This makes 300 different super sexy actresses currently working in Hollywood. And that figure is actually much higher because we left off about 200 other gorgeous actresses that are also plying their trade in Tinseltown. Apparently the economy is doing just fine in La-La-Land. And as before, you could change this order in a thousand different ways, and swap out one actress for another and still not be wrong, but this is how it played out. The most important thing is it’s 100 beautiful women!

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10 Thoroughly Modern Menorahs

The beginning of Hanukkah is only a couple days from now -do you know where your chanukiyah, the nine-branch menorah, is? Using the Hanukkah menorah your grandparents used may be a family tradition, but do-it-yourself, arty, or high-tech menorahs have the same symbolism. Here are a few interesting ones found around the internet.

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10 Amazing Treetop Walkways Around the World

Treetop walkways or canopy walkways are bridges between and in the canopy of a forest, mostly linked up with platforms inside or around the trees. Early walkways consisted of bridges between trees in the canopy of a forest; mostly linked up with platforms inside or around the trees. They were originally intended as access to the upper regions of ancient forests for scientists conducting canopy research. Today they serve as ecotourism attractions, which are becoming increasingly popular around the world.

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5 Ways Twitter Can Make You Rich

Twitter has its practical applications, and over the last year I’ve used the social media site for frugal and financial gain. What is Twitter? Twitter is an online web service where you post 140 character messages to your followers. With your Twitter account, you choose who to follow, allowing you to read their 140 character messages called “tweets”. Twitter really is that simple. This post is for all the people who think Twitter is a time suck but would like to see some fun and frugal uses for the social media site.

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10 Species Named After Famous People

Within the space of a few days, a bloodsucking crustacean parasite has been named after reggae legend Bob Marley, and a genus of tropical fish has been given the name of British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. What is going on here? An estimated 17,000 to 24,000 animal species are identified every year, says Dr Ellinor Michel of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, at London's Natural History Museum - a few mammals, hundreds of amphibians and many thousands of insects and other invertebrates.

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Top 10 Facts About Nymphomaniacs

What is Nymphomania? Famous sex researcher Dr Alfred Kinsey, rather cheekily, described a nymphomaniac as “someone who has more sex than you”. This list is dedicated to all of the flabbergasted readers of my previous list, “Top 10 Things Better Than Sex.” If you can’t think of one thing that is better than sex, then I hope will enjoy this list about nymphomaniacs. Here are ten interesting (and surprising) facts about nymphomaniacs.

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America’s 9 Most Damaged Brands

Brand reputations are among the most prized assets major corporations have. A look at relevant surveys shows that brand valuations are often so high that they compare to the market values of the public companies that own them. But brands can fall as fast and as hard as they have climbed. While a reputation can take years to build, it can be battered or ruined in a very short time. This certainly happened to J.P. Morgan after it reported a $6.2 billion trading loss in its London office. It happened to Hyundai after it overstated the gas mileage for many of its cars. In each case, customers began to worry. Many even became suspicious not only about the company’s ability to manage its business, but also about its candor with the public.

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The Top 10 Classic Albums That Accidentally Ruined Music

Over the years, a select number of albums have changed music forever. These are the albums that affected listeners worldwide and completely flipped the game upside down. On the other hand, some of these same legendary works also unknowingly helped create some of the worst musical blunders we wish we could all forget.

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