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7 Products Made Using Recycled Boat Sails

Sailcloth is made from different fabrics and is quite sturdy. It is tough and water-resistant and is good to be used in all kinds of weather conditions. Hardly any effort is made to recycle sailcloth even after knowing all the properties it comes injected with. It is thrown away most of times without exploiting its complete potential. But there are many who are recycling sailcloth and using it to make various everyday items.

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The 5 Most Famous Irish Actors

Whether it’s civil war, famine, persecution, or the lampooning of its treasured folklore, Ireland has had it rough. But that hasn’t stopped these 5 Famous Irish Actors from making a name for themselves and The Emerald Isle: Despite being 58 years old, Belfast-born Liam Neeson is one of the most awesome actors working in Hollywood today. He’s been acting in films since 1977, when he played Jesus Christ in a film adaptation of The Pilgrim’s Progress, but the real breakthrough role came in 1990 when Liam was cast as the titular character in Sam Raimi’s Darkman. Neeson’s face was obscured for most of the film (thankfully) because his character was grotesquely disfigured and left for dead by his arch nemesis, the Dean from Dorm Daze 2.

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10 Awesome Surfing Animals

We humans had better watch out. When it comes to the innovative use of tools, animals are hot on our tails. Capuchin monkeys have been known to smash hard nuts and seeds with stones, and certain crows have been observed using sticks to wiggle juicy insects out of their hiding places. In 2007, we discovered that chimpanzees use sharpened sticks when hunting, which makes them the first non-human species to carry weapons. Then in 2012, three New Zealand dogs were plucked from an animal shelter and taught how to drive.

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9 Cool Underwater Hotels And Restaurants

Sunken treasures, marine animals and man-made structures all make up the mysterious depths of the underwater world. At one time or another, we’ve all wondered what it would be like to experience life below the surface. With numerous remarkable ports of call in the works or already open for business—Fiji’s futuristic Poseidon Undersea Resort is set to open in 2010 and Key Largo’s Jules’ Undersea Lodge has been accepting guests for years—the dream may be realized sooner than you think.

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28 Rules for Fathers of Sons

Every once in a while I come across a real gem on someone else’s blog that I fall in love with. Yesterday I somehow wandered onto a blog called Diapers & Daisies to a post written back in May called 28 Rules for Fathers of Sons. And while there are a couple things I’d maybe add to some of these, I couldn’t help but think her post was fantastic.

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5 Best and Worst SNL Movies

MacGruber is coming to theaters, in the grand tradition of Saturday Night Live skits being turned into movies. Okay, grand tradition is probably stretching it a bit. All right, it’s stretching it a lot. Many SNL-to-film remakes are bad. And “bad” is being kind. In total there have been ten films based on Saturday Night Live skits. Today, I rank them from worst to best. And there is a pretty huge gap between the good and the bad (you’ll note that I point out which are bad and which are good beside the title, and the bad outweighs the good) so bear with me. Put it this way: a good chunk of these movies are completely on YouTube and have yet to be taken down due to the film companies not caring. I watched most of these so you didn’t have to.

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25 Most Perpetuating Weight Loss Myths

What is a weight loss myth? It is a false or a semi-false belief about losing weight. Myths evolve around a true concept, a principle. As the time goes by, the initial true concept undergoes a change and transforms to a false statement—the myth. While this change can be slight, it can affect your weight loss results. Here are the 25 most perpetuating weight loss myths you will hear if you ever try to lose weight.

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Which Are The Top Ten Friendliest Cities In The U.S?

One of the things I looked forward to most growing up was my family’s annual trek down to Charleston, South Carolina. We’d visit for family, but over the years it became clear to me that this historic, culture-packed city was a place I could never get enough of. Charleston is beautiful. The people, the food, the architecture, the beaches – you name it, it’s all great. Of all the cities I’ve visited in the U.S., Charleston is my undisputed favorite.

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15 Pets Who Returned Home From Remarkable Distances

For many people pets become treasured members of the family, so when they are lost it can be extremely stressful as tragic endings are common. Often, after searching high and low, placing fliers in public places and checking shelters families are forced to give up hope of ever seeing their furry, feathered or scaled friends again and imagine the worst has happened to them out in the world on their own. However, in some cases, the will of the lost animal to return to its family is too strong to give up, and against all odds, they find their way home no matter what it takes. Call it luck, determination, the power of love or a mix of all three; here are 15 inspiring examples of happy reunions of lost pets and their families.

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Most 15 Fascinating Geological Wonders On Earth

This planet we live on offers us beauty beyond words. Every country has its own special region that takes your breath away with the magnificence of it. Here we can see some places that are a geological wonder that you may know about already, or maybe not?

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10 Most Haunted Forests on Earth

Black mist, the sound of distant footsteps, blood-curdling screams in the dark, and ghostly visions… For most of us, this is the fictitious world of horror movies. But some people have encountered such bone-chilling phenomena for real, in spooky locations around the world. These creepy places are tied up with too many weird stories for them simply to be passed off as normal. And whether you’re into UFOs, ghosts, or simply enjoy local legends spiked with adrenaline and fear, this look into 10 of the world’s most haunted forests is bound to fascinate.

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10 Fictional Restaurants Where I’d Like to Eat

I’m a sucker for restaurants – diners, coffee houses, burger joints, fine-dining ones – you name it. I’ve got the worst craving habits too. Every time I’m watching a movie or a TV show and there’s a restaurant scene, I start craving whatever they’re having. Unfortunately, I can’t just pick up and go because most of the restaurants we see in movies and TV are fictional. Then there are other times when the place has nothing to do with the food, and yet you still want to be there. The characters just seem to be having the greatest time chatting and sipping their drinks. If only those restaurants could exist in the real world.

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