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11 Celebrities Who Successfully Reinvented Themselves

It may feel like our favorite celebrities were always as famous as they are today, but there are a few of them who had to switch gears a bit before they hit it big. Check out how some A-listers reinvented themselves (or just expanded their empire) before they started really raking in the dough, and for another great reinvention, check out the new E! Online.

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Top 10 Washington, D.C. Hotels Based on Guest Reviews

Just in time for this month's presidential inauguration, a new Top 10 hotels list for Washington, D.C., based on online consumer reviews, shows us the most popular hotels in the city. The Top 10 list was compiled for USA TODAY's Hotel Check-In by ReviewPro, a company that calculates hotels' scores by crunching consumer reviews from more than 120 Web sources such as consumer review giant TripAdvisor. Only in some cases does this list and TripAdvisor's Top 10 overlap, which gives consumers a fresh, alternative look at the most popular hotels in town. "This is a list of the 'best' hotels according to guest perception," says Josiah Mackenzie of ReviewPro. "It's not necessarily a 'value for money' list, but value does tend to drive a lot of online review ratings."

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America's 10 Prettiest Cities

As temperatures rise and spring appears across the country, just about every place in America looks its best. Not much can top a stroll through bright-green Central Park on a warm April afternoon. Then again, there are some American towns that stand out as exceptionally pretty just about any time of year, whether for architecture, aesthetics or small-town charm. To find these places, we sought the advice of several experts.

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14 Pictures That Prove Judas Was the Creepiest Dude in History

According to the New Testament, Judas Iscariot identified Jesus to Roman soldiers by kissing him after the Last Supper. It’s not clear whether Jesus knew what was coming: Some say he received Judas’ kiss out of affection and friendship, having set up his own arrest — meaning the betrayal was no betrayal at all. Others say Judas’ lips never touched Jesus’ face, and as the apostle approached, Jesus recoiled and said, “You would use a kiss to betray me?” Perhaps none of this happened at all. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all have divergent accounts. The only thing we can assert with 100% historical accuracy is that holy shit, Judas was creepy as fuck. Just look at him.

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The 10 Victims of Recent Tech

New technology has been killing off older technology since the dawn of mankind. Thanks to irrepressible human ingenuity, we're always inventing newer and better ways to do things, which makes those older methods fade into history. Even in the lifetimes of teenagers today, we've witnessed the obsolescence of many tools and devices that people relied on for decades. In the slideshow ahead, you'll find ten of them.

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15 Great Console Games for Under $15 Bucks

For such a common hobby, gaming is shockingly expensive. You usually need a costly console, a nice TV, an internet connection, a 24-pack of some highly caffeinated beverage and a four-person household staff to take care of your every whim while you blow away Nazis (at least, that's how I do it). Then there are the games, which usually cost $60 new these days -- more if you spring for the special editions. Fortunately, games typically don't hold value long, and you can find some great games for far less money if you're willing to buy used copies of slightly older games. In this list we've got 15 games (in no particular order) that all fall into the "very good to great" category that are all available online for less that $15 bucks. All of the games on this list are for the Xbox 360 console for a couple reasons: It's the most popular console for core gamers (insert your own "Wii is for babies" joke here) and has sold by far the most software of any current system. Some of the games listed here may be slightly more expensive for PS3, as there are fewer used copies out there. Feel free to fight amongst yourselves; we're going ahead with the list.

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6 Fool-Proof Steps to Make More Money With Your Website

Every website has a bunch of web pages which get more search traffic than others. These pages are constantly visited daily by new visitors, people who have never seen the site in question before. I call these ‘money pages’ because they are a reliable source of immediate and future income. But they’re not just ‘money’ because they bring in revenue: they are one of the easiest ways to grow your audience without much work. If you learn how to optimize these money pages (its not hard to do), you’ll really improve your website in so many ways. More revenue, more members, more influence and authority. Doesn’t that sound good? I’ve talked very briefly about money pages in my previous post on analyzing your site visitors and decided to expand a little more on this topic because I think its often overlooked by webmasters. We’re always focused on creating new content and getting new visitors to these new pages that we forget about what’s going on in other parts of our website.

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10 Steps For Buying A Used Car Without Getting Screwed

It's easy to get screwed with a used car, but fear no more, Jalopnik readers are here to help. Follow these steps and you should have no problem at all buying your new old car. Enjoy the ride!

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The World's 10 Most Remote Airports

Humans like to be able to reach every point of the planet, don't we? That sometimes means going by car or, even, by foot with a machete. To go further into the globe we still have to use some trusty (and often old) planes, which means we need remote airports. Here are ten locations around the globe that make you take a good look at the pilot before takeoff.

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8 Celebrities We Liked Better When They Were Fat

Every passing year, it seems like celebrities get even more hung up on the way they look. What was considered thin ten years ago is now intolerably obese. The problem is, there’s no off-season in celebrity culture; the paparazzi or TMZ could swoop in at any time and snap a photo of you at your most self-conscious, so you’d better stay thin all year long just in case there’s a cameraman lurking behind the bushes. But we at have no interest in supporting this unhealthy obsession. Please don’t change, girl who played Precious! Stay plus-plus-plus-sized forever! We loved the fact that there used to be overweight famous people out in the world, because it made us plebes feel better about ourselves. And so, we’ve compiled this list of eight celebs who we actually liked better when they were fat. We beg them all to join us back in the land of the normal and pudgy.

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The 15 Sexiest Female Musicians (That Don’t Suck)

These days, we’re inundated with overly-airbrushed female musicians supported only by their underwires and overproduction. While many lesser-known artists are slowly being recognized by larger audiences, we’d still like to see many more female musicians in the spotlight who have raw talent — with whatever instrument it may be. Here are 15 incredibly sexy female musicians — that don’t suck.

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23 Things New Kids Will Never Know About The Old Internet

I know, I’m dating myself yet again with this one, but there are enough of us out there that remember how much more difficult it was to navigate the interwebs back in the day, so I know they’ll appreciate this. We grew up into the era of the World Wide Web, and put up with a lot of inconveniences at the time just so that we could say we were “up to date” with technology, when really we had no idea what was going on. This list of 20 Things New Kids Will Never Know About The “Old” Internet is an ode to how good we thought we had it, and how terrible it actually was, in a strangely endearing way. Because complain as we might about the way things were, we will also look back fondly at those times. Also, feel free to comment with anything I may have missed and I’ll add to the list.

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