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Top Hurricane Tracking Sites for 2011

The consensus of the various 2011 hurricane outlooks suggest the Atlantic 2011 season will see between 13 and 17 named storms, 7-9 hurricanes and 4-5 major hurricanes. The average season has about 10 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 2 intense hurricanes. According to the Colorado State University’s June update there is a 48% chance for a major hurricane making landfall along the US East Coast and a similar 47% chance somewhere along the US Gulf Coast. Of all the states, Florida will have the highest risk for a land-falling hurricane (71%) and major hurricane (34%). Texas is next with a 50% hurricane risk and a 20% major hurricane risk followed closely by Louisiana at 47% and 20% respectively.

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12 Now-Famous People You Didn't Know Were in Movies You've Seen

There are a lot of current stars who did embarrassing things early in their careers, so it's neat to see the early work of current stars in good films that you don't remember them in because you had no idea who they were the first time you saw the movie. Every once in a while, I'll flip through the channels, stumble across a movie I haven't seen for a few years, and I'll notice some huge fucking star in a bit part in a 1998 movie that I loved and I'll be like, "What the ...?" I had no idea he was in this movie.

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10 Resoundingly Nerdy Lunch Containers

In the past, lunch boxes have acted as vessels for nerdy self-expression by providing a portable canvas for many of the culture's most cherished properties. Truly, to some, a lunch container without a sparkly vampire is like a summer without a superhero movie: a most obvious missed opportunity indeed. Manufacturers have been retooling what a lunch packs can be of late, expanding the realm to include many a size and shape. Therefore, this list is not solely targeting rectangular bins, but aims to show a diverse range of triumphantly nerdy ways to bundle a sandwich.

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12 Absolutely Incredible Bling-Bling Vehicles

These days, it’s common to see most of the costliest and luxurious cars zooming past without much fuss! With the number of millionaires and billionaires mushrooming rapidly from every corner of the world, its isn’t a big thing to drive most coveted brands like Mercedes, Bentley, Bugatti Veyron or the kinds. However pimping the vehicles with gold, diamond and swarovski does help to exhibit your excess wealth on the roads. Bring the traffic to halt with these decked-out editions of ultra-opulent luxurious two and four wheelers. Roll over for the Top 12 blinged vehicles….. cause when you’re rolling down the street, it’s all about the Blings, baby!

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10 Monkey Attack Videos

Seasoned travelers know that the world is full of wonders as well as occasional hazards like political unrest, diarrhea and of course, monkey attacks. Harmless and cute as they seem to tourists, these are wild animals that are not to be taken for granted. In 2007, SS Bajwa, Indian deputy mayor of New Delhi, was killed after falling from a terrace while fighting off an angry mob of monkeys. Typically more of a problem in South Asia (India, Thailand) where Hanuman - the Hindu "monkey god" - is particularly revered, attacks by monkeys are on the rise. Luckily, most monkey attacks are more benign, or at least less lethal.

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5 Ways to Pick Up Girls That Only Work in the Movies

There are a million things that happen in movies that are totally unrealistic, but I think the one that bothers me the most is how easy it is for guys - especially dorky guys - to pick up girls. Most guys have picked up a girl at a bar, or the grocery store, or even just walking down the street. I met my current girlfriend through a mutual friend. Nowadays, people can meet through online dating systems, too. But in movies, these mundane circumstances just don’t make the cut. Instead, guys can get girls in movies by doing things that, if done in real life, would likely repulse the girl. Keep reading to see what I mean and check out five ways guys pick up girls that can happen only in the movies.

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Top 20 Science Fiction Movies of the 2000s

Considering the volume of releases, overall the 2000s have a dearth of truly good science-fiction films compared with the 1970s and 1980s. Many movies based on books that should have been better fell short: Planet of the Apes, The Time Traveler and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Movies based on other source material that should have been better include Attack of the Clones, V for Vendetta, The Matrix sequels, Terminator Salvation, Transformers, and the 9th and 10th Star Trek flicks.

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4 Life-Saving Tips for New Shooters

Personal-defense training and gear has become a big business. There is so much out there in terms of training, guns, ammo and equipment that the new shooter can easily be confused as to what is available and what is really needed. It is almost like wandering around in a maze. At best the process can cost a person a lot of time, money, and frustration. At the worst, it can get that person killed. What follows are four easy-to-remember tips that will keep the new shooter headed in the right direction.

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31 Reasons You Miss Halloween in the '90s

Halloween in the 1990s was a magical time for trick or treating, and if you ever got to dress up like a Power Ranger and hunt for the best Halloween candy in a McDonald's Happy Meal bucket, you know this to be the truth. It was a time when every other costume wasn't something meme-related, when pop culture was still gleaned exclusively from what TV/Movie/Magazine companies wanted you to see and before Leg Avenue started making sexy costumes for dogs. The best parts of Halloween in the '90s are here on this list of the very best '90s Halloween nostalgia and nostalgia-related toys, candy, commercials, decorations, trends, costumes and more, so that you can yearn for the times when you walked the streets in a vinyl costume that was really just an expensive, uncomfortable, sweaty pair of pajamas that you'd have to wear a jacket on top of anyway.

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25 Haunting Shipwrecks Around the World

Fellow blogger Tom Moran from Urban Ghosts inspired this post. His excellent article on ‘Ship Graveyards: Abandoned Ships, Boats and Shipyards‘ sent me on a quest to find some incredible photographs of shipwrecks around the world. The United Nations estimates that there are more than 3 million shipwrecks on the ocean floor. These once mighty vessels, both sunken and beached, are a haunting reminder that nothing lasts forever. These beautiful ships used to rule the seas they traveled. Now they serve as a window into our past.

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5 Pop Culture Apocalypse Scenarios and How They Might Happen

Since the earliest days, humankind has pondered the end of the world. We’ve imagined messianic judgment days, cataclysmic comets, hyperspace bypasses, and Mega Maids. Here are a few apocalyptic scenarios from recent popular culture, how they might happen, and how likely they are to occur.

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The Fug Girls’ 16 Favorite Cases of Casting Gone Wrong

We freely admit that we’re mostly curious about The Green Lantern because it’s roughly two hours of Ryan Reynolds’s naked body in a CGI green suit. But we’re also intrigued by the deliciously train-wreck-y possibility of what feels like a major casting misstep: Gossip Girl’s sunny, blithe Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, pilot and go-getter vice-president of a major aircraft company. During every preview we saw, the audience chortled at the sight of her, perhaps thinking of the many pilots and go-getter VPs they know whose predominant traits do not involve hair-flipping. While awaiting the verdict on Lively’s blockbuster debut, we’ve reminisced here about the miscastings that have most made us snicker over the years, for reasons cinematic, historic, and personal.

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