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5 Insane Marriage Rituals From Around the World

A marriage can be a wonderful and joyous occasion full of happiness, laughter and unicorn farts for two very lucky people. In other cases, it can be an exercise in full-blown insanity, as evidenced by these bizarre marriage traditions from every corner of the globe. Some cultures however decided to skip all this romantic crap and go from the “total strangers” phase straight to marriage in one messed-up leap of criminal activity: kidnapping the bride.

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5 Unexpected Consequences Of The Aurora Shooting

As victims of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado continue to grapple with injuries and trauma, and more details leak about the alleged shooter James Holmes (who has reportedly exhibited odd behavior in jail, spitting at officers so often they've slapped a face guard on him), people in Colorado and around the country have responded to the massacre in surprising, sometimes distressing ways. From stocking up on guns to filing lawsuits against the theater where the shootings took place, here are 5 consequences of the shootings.

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10 Crazy Facts About the Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect is one of the strangest and least understood phenomenons found in human physiology and psychology. Most of us know a thing or two about it, namely that we can essentially cure ourselves of maladies simply because we believe we are being cured of them. In other words we trick ourselves back into health, proving that the brain is an extremely powerful entity. Although it makes sense in a strange way that we are capable of doing this, there are certain aspects of the placebo effect that even scientists and doctors have nearly an impossible time explaining. Here are ten examples of the placebo effect manifesting itself in truly remarkable ways.

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The 27 Coolest Cars At The Geneva Motor Show

The press days are over at the Geneva Motor Show and the executives have gone home, so now it's time for the public to take a look. For those who can make it through the mountains to get to the show, here are 27 cars you can't miss. They include the outrageously powerful Koenigsegg One:1, the new Lamborghini Huracán, BMW's first front-wheel drive car, and the hybrid beast Porsche built to earn some glory at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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5 Common Myths About Depression

With the tragic loss of Robin Williams to apparent suicide, a worldwide discussion about the effects of depression has begun. Untreated depression is the leading cause of suicide in the US, and suicide claims 34,000 lives in this country every year. Far too often those who would benefit from treatment don’t get it due to lack of knowledge and misconceptions about the illness. Below are five of the most common myths about depression, with links to resources for more information.

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Top 10 Best Deodorants for Women

Searching for the best deodorants for women? The best deodorants for women protect against sweat and odor. We rounded up the top 10 antiperspirant, anti-odor sticks and sprays at every price point.

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10 Famous Disembodied Voices

The London Underground’s “Mind The Gap” Lady. Mr. “You’ve Got Mail!” You know the voices, but who are the real people behind them? Meet 10 of the most famous disembodied voices ever recorded.

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10 Tips to Keep Your Bones and Joints Healthy

As the summer comes to an end and the weather starts to cool, we find ourselves indoors more often. For some, that means less physical activity. For others, it’s a call to get back to the gym before the holidays arrive. Any change in activity makes us more susceptible to joint- and bone-related issues. Here are 10 tips for preventing damage, reducing pain, and improving your general quality of life and health.

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10 New Fast Food Items (in the works)

Fast Food chains around the country have taken notice of KFC's successful introduction of the Double Down Sandwich. They intend to keep up the momentum with some incredibly gross, but delicious, concoctions of their own. All bets on good taste and nutrition are off. Any and all ideas are on the table. Or Value menu. But word on the street is that these 10 food-like items are leading the pack.

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Top 10 Things Thrown on the Ice

Like any sport, hockey has its traditions, its idiosyncrasies and a dedicated fan base. Many of the traditions kick in around playoff time – the drive for the Stanley Cup. Bring these three elements together and you have a formula for some real zany behaviour, such as the things that fans bring with them to a game to throw on the ice. Many teams have traditions about what is thrown to the ice under certain conditions, from live seafood to white towels. This list presents ten such traditions that are unique to the world of hockey, especially during Stanley Cup playoff time.

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I Made You Eat Your Parents!: Eric Cartman’s Most Evil South Park Episodes, Ranked

Eric Cartman is one of the most diabolically evil characters in television history. His Anti-Semitic jokes can sometimes feel like an afterthought since he’s planning so many horrible schemes from episode to episode. Today, we’re looking at five episodes in which Cartman’s behavior is particularly vile. You may want to watch a few episodes of My Little Pony after reading this one.

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Top 10 Rimfire Guns for CCW Self Defense

Underestimation can prevent you from using an object to its potential. Do not underestimate the value of the pocket rimfire pistol in your defensive handgun lineup as it can serve as a highly effective training tool. Occasional ammo shortages notwithstanding, the .22 LR cartridge tends to be very affordable to shoot. A rimfire version of a defensive pistol can allow the shooter to improve both accuracy and weapon manipulation skills. In addition, for anyone with significant upper body strength deficiencies or physical ailments, a gun chambered in .22 LR might be the only handgun that can be reliably operated. While few people would claim that a .22 will be as effective as a 9mm or .45 ACP at stopping a determined attacker, a pistol loaded with .22-caliber rounds and effectively employed can be a life saver.

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