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90 Incredible Skulltastic Designs and Artworks

A while back, I remember meeting a person on Twitter that wanted us to do a skull based collection. At the time (almost everyday) I was very busy. Now with more time, I decided to accommodate his request. So if you are reading this my friend we hope you enjoy this, you know who you are. Kinda crazy to think a simple item like a skull could have so many creative outcomes. The relationship that artist and designers have with skulls is unexplainable. Usually when people think of a skull, they automatically symbolize it with death. Some of the artworks listed below express that fact quite a few times. While we cannot escape it, death scares some people. If you hate skulls, then obviously this collection is not for you.

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The Top 10 Scariest Enemies in Video Game History

Great horror games provide gamers with unique, powerful experiences of fear and exhilaration. While some focus on atmosphere and tension, others prefer startles and scares. But regardless of the method, all successful horror games include horrifying and disturbing creatures that hunt or stalk the weary protagonists. From meat hook throwing crawlers to spike ridden giants, each of these creatures puts a deep uneasiness in our psyches. And in return, we put bullets in their heads. Here's a list of the ten scariest, most violent, and weirdest creatures we've ever had the pleasure of dismembering. Enjoy!

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The 13 Stupidest Ways People Died Thanks To Sex

Death stalks us everywhere. And we mean, everywhere. As we’ve previously shown, he doesn’t stop when we get drunk or go to work, so of course he’s still going to come for you when you’re busy getting jiggy with it. Probably after watching for a bit and breathing heavily, because let’s face it, he probably doesn’t get much action, what with the whole ‘touch a person, they die’ thing. In commemoration to this self-imposed sexile, here’s the thirteen stupidest ways in that people died whilst doing the nasty.

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The Not-So-Ancient History of 10 Thanksgiving Dishes

On Thanksgiving, more than any other day of the year, Americans sit down and eat the same meal as their neighbors and countrymen. It’s tradition, after all! But we know our history: most of the Thanksgiving dishes we enjoy today weren’t at the original Pilgrims’ feast in 1621, or at least not in the way we enjoy them. How did we come up with the modern menu on so many tables?

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10 Autobiographies Every Comedy Buff Should Read

Being funny is one thing; writing funny is something else. Most stand-up comedians are gifted performers and improvisers who use speech and stagecraft to get their point across, but some of them are also skilled enough to shift gears and turn those stories into compelling literary narratives. These autobiographies aren’t just trranscripts of the performers’ best-known bits, nor are they cash-in attempts that just string together one-liners. They’re actual books, and it’s amazing to hear the voice of the comic you love coming through the page in a way that’s different from everything else they’ve done yet still instantly recognizable. The comedians who make good authors are the ones who can take their worldview and channel it into any medium. If you’ve ever wondered what made your favorite comic minds tick, these books are a must.

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Top 10 Best Deodorants for Women

Searching for the best deodorants for women? The best deodorants for women protect against sweat and odor. We rounded up the top 10 antiperspirant, anti-odor sticks and sprays at every price point.

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13 Southern Sayings That The Rest Of America Won't Understand

Language discrepancies naturally arise in different geographic regions, like the raging “pop” vs. “soda” debate. But the South undoubtedly takes the cake. Conversations south of the Mason-Dixon line will befuddle anyone not born there. We chose 15 of the most ridiculous Southern sayings — and tried to explain them.

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Top 10 World War II TV Series

World War II might be the "popular" war, but it's rarely the subject of popular TV series. Of course, Hogan's Heroes and McHale's Navy had long runs in the 1960s, but the military battlefield is covered with dead bodies of short-lived WWII dramas -- and a few comedies. And since the 1960s, the subject matter of war has largely been ignored in TV series. There are a few exceptions: M*A*S*H (Korean War); China Beach and Tour of Duty (Vietnam War). On Sunday, March 14, 2010 at 9pm ET/PT, HBO premieres the first installment of its 10-part WWII miniseries, The Pacific. In honor of this event, TV Tango selected the top 10 World War II TV sitcoms and dramas. No miniseries. No TV movies. No documentaries. Just scripted TV series.

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12 Little Known Turning Points of World War II

ecause of the sheer size of the war, many significant battles have become nearly forgotten because they a) were relatively small in scale b) took place outside of the three most well known fronts (East, West and Pacific) c) achieved strategic goals instead of spectacular ones or d) were overshadowed by larger battles taking place at the same time. This is a selection of 12 of the lesser known, but significant, battles and operations from The Second World War.

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10 Need-to-Know Gun Control Myths

Those who favor a society without gun rights seem to be prone to spreading false information. At best, anti-gun leaders unknowingly spread baseless accusations; at worst, they willingly to lie to achieve their objectives. Regardless, it is my observation that a host of gun control myths began circulating during the 1960s and continue today. For instance, how many times have you heard President Barack Obama pushing the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill because, according to the him, 90 percent of Americans support so-called universal background checks? Well, a Pew Research poll was conducted after the Senate defeated the bill. Turns out only 47 percent of Americans are disappointed the bill failed, while 32 percent describe themselves as “very happy” or “relieved.” So, Mr. President, you can quit arguing that the country is behind you on this.

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The 15 Best and Worst Series Finales in TV History

TV show finales often become the forgotten leftovers of shows that either ran too long for their own good, or didn’t run long enough to gather a following that would even remember them. But there are some series finales that do get noted, finales that capped off shows that were smash hits — shows that dodged sharks and still managed to remain on the air long enough to matter. When a much-loved show ends, fans want it to end a certain way, and the final episode can mean the difference between a happy audience and one that refuses to buy the DVDs afterward out of pure spite. These are the 15 best — and worst — series finales in TV History.

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Top Ten Photos 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts Hate

I don't really want to go through the whole 9/11 nonsense here, but inspired by my general annoyance at the topic, I thought I'd present a little run down of the top ten photos conspiracy theorists don't want to deal with (click the photos to see larger versions). I don't claim that this page somehow proves the official story to be right, nor that it proves conspiracy theories wrong, but it gives some neat examples of why it's hard to take some of these people seriously.

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