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7 Bizarro Life Lessons From Kevin Smith's Latest Book, Tough Sh*t

outhwest Airlines may agree with the "fat" part of Kevin Smith's new book Tough Sh*t: Life Advice From a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good from Gotham Books, but Silent Bob is far from lazy. He's an author, comic book store owner, professional stage farceur and podcaster who runs a network of podcasts for other big mouths called SModcast (check out our cover story on him last year, "Kevin Smith: "I Am So, Like, Sick of Movies and Shit"). And in case a couple of flops like Mallrats, Jersey Girl and Cop Out didn't ruin him for you, he's also a filmmaker whose first movie, Clerks, inspired many a budding early-'90s director to wrack up a mountain of film school debt.

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10 Amazingly Modern University Libraries

Libraries have been described as “the heart of the university;” and, perhaps in view of this, higher education institutions worldwide have realized the need to contemporize these vital spaces, investing in new technologies and welcoming modern design elements. Leading architects and designers have been brought in to create university libraries that rightly stand as shining beacons of progressive learning, far more than just a collection of books. Read on to find out about 10 amazingly modern university library buildings from around the world.

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Top 5 Online Games To Keep You Mentally Healthy

Mental health can not only ruin your life but also those of the people around you, as it is them who suffer the anguish of watching you decline and also having the stress of looking after you during that time. Whilst taking steps to maintain your mental health is more important the older you get, your brain’s capacity to carry out certain functions such as memory and logic starts to decline when you’re in your twenties – unless you take measures to prevent it. One of the best measures you can take is to play games as many require complex thinking, whilst many involve social interaction and, more importantly, they’re fun!

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9 Rocket Sleds

If you thought the Bullet train was the fastest thing on rails, you would be wrong - more than 6000 miles per hour wrong. Rocket sled test tracks were originally designed for the V2 in WWII and can reach up to 6400 mph. They were made famous in the 50s when Lt. Col John Paul volunteered himself to test a 200mph track designed for crash test dummies, called the Gee Whiz. The test was intended to show the effects of deceleration in a plane crash, where it was assumed that nobody could survive more than 18G. Strapp survived an unbelievable 35G. However, the lasting legacy of the Gee Whiz test is Murphy’s Law, coined after a real engineer called Murphy who worked briefly at Edwards Air Force Base on the test track.

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Top 10 Worst Giant Movie Monsters

In 1954, a 46-meter (150 ft) lizard splashed onto Japan’s movie screens, and ants the size of trucks crawled onto American ones. The success of Godzilla and Them! spurred Hollywood and Tokyo filmmakers to rush more supersized mutants in front of audiences, often with ridiculous results.

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5 Financial Mistakes We Make When Blinded By Love

There are two big calendar dates in the offing for many consumers: Valentine's Day and Tax Day. So it would only make sense to look at those stupid financial mistakes we make in the name of love. We've already discussed the number of people who've committed financial infidelity, along with ways to come clean before you're caught cheating. Now, over at, they've compiled a list of the five biggest miscues that people in relationships make in the name of love.

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5 Lies Your Ex-Boyfriends Are Telling You

They say all is fair in love and war. I don’t know about that, but I do know that through both, you need a solid game-plan to get what you want. Make no mistake about it– ex-boyfriends aren’t here to make pals–we’re here to fuck shit up. Below are some things we’ll lie to you about with intent to destroy the emotional foundation of your world

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The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People

Most of us claim we want to be happy—to have meaningful lives, enjoy ourselves, experience fulfillment, and share love and friendship with other people and maybe other species, like dogs, cats, birds, and whatnot. Strangely enough, however, some people act as if they just want to be miserable, and they succeed remarkably at inviting misery into their lives, even though they get little apparent benefit from it, since being miserable doesn’t help them find lovers and friends, get better jobs, make more money, or go on more interesting vacations. Why do they do this?

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10 Cars That Probably Should Not Have Hit the Road

Like all other industries, automotive history has its instances where makers released products that left many completely unsure as to how they made it to production. However, because of the auto industry’s inherent exposure to the public, and the weight that rides on companies’ ability to create quality products, automotive flops tend to be more spectacular than most — and potentially more damaging to the brand responsible. Here we’ve compiled a collection of 10 frequent offenders. Although these cars may have seemed right at the time, they probably should have been put under more stringent review — and at least a focus group or two, as nothing embodies "hindsight is 20/20" quite like automotive miscalls.

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The 10 Ugliest Cars Of 2013

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder? Or are these cars just hideous, no matter which way you look at them? Our money is on the latter. From ugly to ugliest, here are Bankrate’s picks for the 10 ugliest cars of 2013. Price stats belong to, and mpg estimages from from For those makes with more than one model option, we chose the base model to feature.

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Taste Test: The 10 Best Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches

Even people who swear they won't touch fast-food seem to make exceptions for breakfast sandwiches. Something about the combination of egg, melted cheese, salty meat, and toasted bread is so satisfying, not to mention a lifesaver on those especially rough mornings. You go from zero to feeling-more-like-a-real-person in just a few bites. Sure, it's not that hard to make one at home, and even tastier with just-fried eggs (try not to think about the pre-cooked egg loaf on most fast-food sandwiches too hard) but sometimes you just need to grab one on the go.

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5 Places That Are Still On Fire

Living near an active volcano can make you nervous, but it's not the only fire down below. Coal is a long-burning mineral hidden underground that can ignite when the circumstances are right. Those circumstances include contact with air, which happens when we try to take the coal out of the ground for our own purposes. Here are five coal seams that have been burning for a long time.

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