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10 Ingenious Things Different Countries Do With Their Rice

Rice is a staple in most people’s diet. There is hardly a country in the world who do not eat rice in one form or another. Although rice can often seem quite bland, there are a lot of creative ways different cultures use rice in their meals to transform a simple, common food into an amazing culinary experience.

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9 Things We Wished We Did Before Our House Burned Down

This pictures is of Melanie's house as it burns to the ground within 60 minutes. It was a fixer-upper she and her husband had poured their savings and souls into with all sorts of DIY projects, and they and their two-and-half year-old son escaped it becoming their pyre by only minutes and with only the clothes on their backs. These are 9 things she wished beforehand, now that she is wrestling with insurance and filing claims.

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8 Completely Badass Veterans You’ve Never Heard Of

Veterans Day can be a slippery holiday. Unlike Memorial Day, which gets a barbecue-filled three-day weekend to kick off summer, Veterans Day often falls in the middle of the week, isolated by days of work and crummy November weather. As a veteran myself, I’m often unsure what to do with the day. Call old friends and reminisce? Go to a parade? Drink a bottle of Thunderbird and cry? None of it feels appropriate, and so I end up volunteering for some kind of veterans service, because I’m pure of heart and my soul is filled with the warmth of a thousand golden retriever puppies. But YOU shouldn’t have to waste your Veterans Day listening to old people talk about gooks and krauts. You’re busy, which is why you’re wasting time on the Internet in hopes of reading stories about American servicemen wrecking chunks of foreign countries and taking lives in the defense of the Constitution, freedom, and apple pie.

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The 25 Most Epic Ads That Aren't '1984'

Leo Burnett once said great advertising could be boiled down into three simple messages: "Here's what we've got. Here's what it will do for you. Here's how to get it." Maybe, but where's the fun in that? Sometimes it's best to just go big. Today, AdFreak celebrates the advertising pros who sacrificed simplicity and frugality on the altar of awesomeness to make something downright epic. We didn't set any requirements for size, scope, length or budget. These are just our 25 favorite ads that test the boundaries of cinematic storytelling. Also, we've left Ridley Scott's "1984" Apple spot off the list. You've seen it enough, and we can all agree it's in a class by itself. Now, let's kiss the workday goodbye and get things started.

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5 Surprising Things That Have Cow Parts in Them

o, you're a vegan and you're mad that you can't drink Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte. Well, maybe you want to skip this post because your day ain't going to get much better. You see, almost *everything* in the world contains something made from animal parts and by-products. Don't believe us? Here are 5 things in the world that you wouldn't believe are made from or contain animal by-products or use them in the manufacturing process.

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4 Cool Android Phone Solutions To Everyday Problems

During your typical day, you put up with annoyances or difficulties and probably just accept them as part of life. Things like forgetting where your car is or forgetting your grocery shopping list at home. The whole point of technology is to make life easier, so I’m here to offer up four Android solutions to a few of those daily annoyances and problems. Each of these Android apps are offered for free on the Android Market, but you’ll also find the download scan code for your convenience. If any of these issues are the sort of thing you find yourself dealing with every day, go ahead and give them a try.

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10 Fascinating Facts About Color

It’s in everything we touch, taste, smell, and feel. It evokes emotion without asking for prior thought. It can be the focus of our careers, the way we live, the choices we make, and the fun we have. We are all familiar with color and its basic concepts, but did you know...

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Quentin Tarantino's 10 Most Legendary Characters

Quentin Tarantino developed his outlandish revision of WWII history, Inglourious Basterds, for at least a decade. But the auteur has been conceiving brilliant characters throughout his career. From Reservoir Dogs to Death Proof, Tarantino’s ensembles have been packed with verbose, gun-wielding folks whose outsized egos are only matched by their swagger and ability to wax philosophical about life and popular culture. They are a new age of post-modernist antiheroes: hilarious, brutal and often both at the same time. And they drop the F-bomb as if it were the most common verb, noun and adjective. Here are our all-time favorites

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The 5 Stupidest Nuclear Weapons

As long as man has been able to mix together chemicals, he’s been blowing the heck out of anything that moves. About seventy years ago, he hit the apotheosis of “blowing the heck out of stuff” power: the nuclear bomb. But apparently dropping it from planes wasn’t enough. Oh no, we had to put that kind of power into backpacks, stick it in grenade launchers, and fire it out of cannons. Here are five weapons that prove that not only was the Cold War pointless, both sides were completely insane.

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5 Romances That Changed History

Can love really change the world? It can if you’re a member of one of these five famous couples. For better or for worse, through violence or through science, through law or through religion, these historic romances altered the course of history.

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The 5 Nerdiest Toys Based on U.S. Presidents

Let us all be thankful that, despite living in a country where people can figure out ways to make a buck out of anything, our leaders' likenesses are in the public domain. Which means the sky's the limit when it comes to merchandising. A stoner roommate of mine once had a theory that the toy companies killed JFK so they'd make more money off of his likeness. I suppose it's no worse a theory than some. Presidents inspire bumper stickers, T-shirt and even action figures, often ones that speak famous phrases like "Four score and seven years ago" and "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." But in more recent years, a new crop have sprung up that give our commanders-in-chief a nerdier spin, be it with scene-specific details or the addition of fantasy elements. Partisan issues aside, I think we all know what cool toys look like. Hail to these chiefly collectibles.

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10 White People Who Inexplicably Became Ninjas

Ninjutsu, the art of the ninja, is an ancient, closely guarded tradition of stealth, martial arts and assassination that is only taught to the most skilled of Japanese warriors… and pretty much any white dude who happens to be in the neighborhood. Seriously, it’s like ninjas have their own version of Affirmative Action just for white guys, and thus several Euro-Americans have managed to snag honorary ninja degrees when they had no business doing so. Here are 10 of ‘em.

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