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10 Staircases That Really Take It To The Next Level

Technically speaking, stairs are a means to get from one level to another - and indeed, most staircases are quite plain and practical. But thankfully, some architects and homebuilders have managed to combine form and function in creating spectacular staircases that really take it to the next level. Take a look at these 10 wonderful examples of gorgeous staircases from around the world.

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The 20 Most Expensive Cars To Insure has assembled a new list of the 20 most expensive cars to insure in America. Like speed? Say goodbye to your hard-earned skrilla. The information in this list is based on rates for a 40-year-old male with a clean driving record. As Kim Hazelbaker of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety put it, "The most expensive list includes cars that people don't have to drive but want to." None of this makes us feel any better when we look in our refrigerator and see nothing but month-old cheese slices and half-empty cans of Coke. Ah well. Here's to poverty!

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10 Things You Didnít Know About Goodfellas

OK, fine: so maybe you already know a few things about Goodfellas. Itís certainly a film thatís easy to become obsessed with, not to mention the nostalgic frenzy surrounding the 25th anniversary of Martin ScorseseĎs iconic gangster drama that began back in April at the Tribeca Film Festival reunion panel. Itís not like cinema hadnít humanized brutal, violent, anti-heroes in the past, especially within the realm of the contemporary crime drama, but Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, and Robert De Niro brought an unparalleled familial chemistry to Scorseseís take on Nicholas Pileggiís non-fiction account through top-notch performances and groundbreaking direction that weíre still reminiscing about over two decades later.

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10 Purr-fect Vacations For Cat Lovers

These quirky museums, theme parks and circus acts feed our collective cat obsession. Stephanie Harwin, who writes the cat-obsessed blog Catsparella, will go to great lengths to get her feline fix. On her quest to fulfill a lifelong dream, visiting Japan's Hello Kitty theme park, Harwin endured a bout of severe food poisoning, a language barrier and a long journey to reach her happy place. Japan is the ultimate travel destination for cat enthusiasts and Hello Kitty is just the beginning. Tokyo has become famous for its cat cafťs, where you can hang out with the furry creatures, and each February brings the celebration of "Nyan Nyan Nyan Day" (a name inspired by the sound cats make).

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The 20 Most Homicidal Countries In The World

The United Nations just put together their Global Study on Homicide 2011, an extensive report detailing each country's homicide rate and the factors that brought them there. Globally, there were 468,000 murders in 2010, giving the world an average of 6.9 murders per 100,000 people. But more than a third of these homicides took place in Africa, and slightly lower percentages took place in the Americas and Asia. Not surprisingly, many of the countries with the highest homicide rates are low on human development, high on income inequality and corruption, and fairly unstable.

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10 Worst States for Retirement

It's hard to be flexible on a fixed income. That's why some of America's prettiest, most vibrant locations are also some of the toughest on retirees. They're usually more expensive, for example, with higher rents and more expensive restaurants. Tax rates also tend to be higher in urban areas. They also may not be as safe. With that in mind, Bankrate ranked each state based on a variety of factors that everyone should consider before making a move into -- or out of -- their home state. They include a specialized cost-of-living index for retirees, crime statistics, tax rates and comprehensive weather data that factor in sunshine and humidity. Also new this year: Bankrate beefed up its ranking for health care quality, and consulted an extensive survey called the Gallup-Healthways' Well-Being Index. The index gauges the level of satisfaction residents report about their surroundings.

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The Top 12 Tech Stories of 2012

In the tech world, 2012 was the year of the reboot. Older, established tech companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Nintendo all tried to restart their brands with bold new products and fresh blood in the executive suites. Facebook struggled with its new life as a publicly traded company, and Instagram, the photo-sharing network it acquired in April, was dragged along for the ride. There were inspiring stories, such as the Internet coming together to protest anti-piracy legislation. And there was darker news, like the Israeli military live-tweeting its strikes against Gaza. And as always, the world's dominant and most closely watched tech company was all over the news. Apple did a little bit of everything in 2012, from hit new products (the iPad Mini) to high-profile failures (Apple Maps) to some old-fashioned courtroom drama in its patent war with Samsung.

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7 Things People With Anxiety Want Their Loved Ones to Know

I have anxiety, and I believe I can speak for everyone with anxiety when I say this: itís gotta be hard to be close to us. But there are seven things we want you to know that we donít always know how to tell you.

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7 Fake Trailers That Got Made Into Real Movies

With a headline like that you may be wondering what makes a movie trailer fake as opposed toÖ ah not fake? Before you conger up images of flaky actors, silicone and cardboard props, wait, thatís every movie ever made, (HA HA Ė notice the use of the sacred double HA), A fake trailer refers to a ďrealĒ movie trailer that advertises a film that did not exist, and was never planned to be created. In each case below, the trailer came first and only after the audience went ďape shitĒ did the actual movie get made. Itís a bit bassakwards, which is why itís sooooo cool. Itís like art imitating previous but not serious art to become more art.. or life art.. or just check them out below.

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The 23 Best Simpsons Musician Cameos

When we heard 'The Simpsons' was on the verge of cancellation, we started reminiscing about all the rockers and rappers that have appeared on the show throughout its 23-season existence. With that in mind, we decided to compile this list of our favorite musician cameos, and here's hoping to many more now that the show has been renewed.

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10 Amazing Facts About Bees and Wasps

Everyone has an opinion about bees and wasps, ranging from wild, hysterical arm waving to wild, hysterical body contortions. You see black and yellow out of the corner of your eye, hear that droning sound, and immediately start flailing. Sting! It's gonna sting me! Most people don't care if its a bee, wasp or hornet, they just don't want to get stung. But the suborder of Apocrita (which contains all bees, wasps and hornets) is an amazing, talented group - and not just the branch of the family that gives us honey. Wasps also perform a vital service controlling pest populations at a scale you probably haven't considered. Sure, they can all sting... but, important note: they don't give a crap about stinging you in the first place. And if they do sting you - guess why? Because of all that flailing around you're doing.

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The 10 Worst Bands of the Nineties

We asked our readers to vote for their least favorite bands of the Nineties last week. As you can imagine, this one got people fired up, and votes poured in. While people seemed to have particular scorn for one particular late Nineties rap-rock band and one post-grunge band whose lead singer sounds a bit like Eddie Vedder, bands ranging from Smashing Pumpkins to the Goo Goo Dolls got votes. These results are sure to anger many people, but remember that this is a readers' poll. We had nothing to do with the results. There's one band here that will anger and shock many people. See if you can pick out which one we're talking about.

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