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15 Sporting Heroes Unfamiliar to Americans

Itís a common fact, although some will deny it, that most people favor their own nation, or even continent, sometimes to the extreme. America for example, awards Oscar, Grammy and Emmy trophies to mainly Americans, yet they claim that these are international awards. One would expect this to only apply in the entertainment industry, however this is also the case in the sporting world. For example, Football, which is, without a doubt, the most popular international sport, completely gets ignored by the US, due to Americaís lack of achievements (this also applies to Rugby, Cricket, Formula 1 and many other international sports).

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10 Ridiculous Animal Hoaxes

From koala bears to cud-chewing cows, we canít get enough of the animal kingdom. But some of us take our appreciation of animals a little bit too faróby combining it with the love of a good wind-up. Here are 10 of the best animal hoaxes. The world of inspirational email forwards isnít exactly renowned for its rigorous commitment to accuracy. But in 2010, a truly amazing story and image began circulating that actually did seem to check out. The email referred to an article in the respected San Francisco Chronicle, telling the story of a female humpback whale who had become trapped in a web of crab-fishing lines. When a local environmental group successfully freed her, the whale swum around and nudged each diver individually, as if she was thanking them. What really set the story apart was the majestic picture that accompanied it, showing the whale extending a flipper as if to shake her saviorís hand.

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9 Comic-Book Costumes That Actually Look Good In Movies

The biggest miracle about Iron Man 2 so far is that Black Widow's skintight jumpsuit looks decent. Often, superhero costumes from comics are just ridiculous on the big screen. Here are 10 other comic-to-movie costume translations that actually work. It's easy to think of superhero costumes that have looked ridiculous on film ó most of them have. A lot of comic-book costumes really only work in two dimensions, and especially many superheroine costumes would be a bizarre disaster if a flesh-and-blood woman tried to do any action scenes in them. Even the relatively sane comic-book costumes often fail to make the jump to movies, though ó for my money, there has never been a non-absurd Batsuit on screen, including in the two Nolan films. I considered expanding this list to include television, but I honestly couldn't think of an example of a comic-book character costume that didn't look at least somewhat ridiculous in its television version.

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22 Unusual Clever DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Now you can start making a preparation for a decorating you home at the spirit of christmas. The most important and must have thing for a christmas decoration is a christmas tree World Inside Pictures present you 22 unusual and unique ideas how to make christmas tree . For a few we have a pictures that can be inspiration for making a christmas tree and for others you can also see tutorials .Just look it its simply unusual and looks so amazing . Donít waste your time looking and shop make it at home and let your kids to enjoy in that beauty in the spirit of christmas.

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8 Ugly Sins of the Catholic Church

Did the Catholic Bishops wince last week when their leader, anti-contraception Cardinal Timothy Dolan, was exposed for paying pedophiles to disappear? One can only hope. After all, these are men who claim to speak for God. They have direct access to the White House, where they regularly weigh in on issues ranging from military policy to bioethics, and they expect us all to listen Ė not because of relevant expertise or elected standing, but because of their moral authority. Ahem. If pedophile payouts werenít enough to convince you that this ďmoralĒ authority is often anything but moral, take a look at some of their other sins against compassion and basic decency.

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7 Ways to Make Use of Sub-Par Produce

My grocer has a little known secret: It sells damaged and past-date produce weekly. To find it, you have to go around the corner of the regular produce aisle, next to where the employees take their breaks, and right in front of where the forklifts go in and out. Itís in a wire bin with no special markings or signage. Itís our little piece of heaven. In addition to finding your typical antique bananas and bags of slightly bruised apples, there are other delicious treasures: plastic-wrapped packages of bell peppers, bags of pre-washed organic lettuce hearts, and sacks of hodge-podge items that combine avocados, artichokes, and lemons in the same space. While not everything here is worth buying, they charge 50-99 cents for each package ó regardless of whatís inside or what shape itís in.

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Spotting The Next Chipotle: 10 Restaurants To Watch

In a fiercely competitive market, investors are constantly looking for the next big thingóthe next Chipotle or Starbucks that will beat the restaurant odds. To spot these up and comers, predictive analytics company Czar Metrics sifted through data from Twitter, Foursquare, online review sites, Facebook and blogs to create a list of the top-10 emerging restaurant brands.

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6 Completely Accidental Inventions

Forget spending days, months and years thinking of the next big thing, these inventions were the consequence of sheer dumb luck and coincidence.

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10 Terrifying Planets You Donít Want To Visit

Space exploration is a grand adventure. Its mystery has always captivated us and the inevitable discoveries to come will add to the many cosmological insights we already have. But let this list serve as a warning for any weary inter-solar travelers. The universe can be a very frightening place. I hope no one should ever find themselves stuck in one of these ten worlds.

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Top 10 Hard Drive Upgrades and Fixes

Over time, the moving parts and powered pieces that move your magnetic disks around at lightning speed will wear, age, and get noisy.. You should never feel like your hard drive is holding out on you. Anyone should be able to back up, recover files, boot multiple systems, upgrade, or otherwise improve their storage space. These tips explain the possibilities and procedures.

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7 Amazing Antarctic Lakes

Lakes? In my frozen Antarctica? Itís more likely than you think, and their existence has nothing to do with global warming. This in-depth (brrr!) look at 7 amazing Antarctic lakes shows us the 7th continent still has a few tricks up its frosty sleeve. As is the case with many of the glacial meltwater lakes in the Dry Valleys region, the purity of the water in the frozen surface cap allows for a remarkable clarity shown off to full advantage by scientists and photographers alike.

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33 Celebrities Who Have Killed People

Believe it or not, several famous people have killed someone. Many celebrities were involved in tragic accidents that resulted in deaths, while others committed cold-blooded murder. Some celebs have served time in prison stemming from convictions, and others have gotten away with murder; sure, maybe they were wrongly accused, or maybe they just had great lawyers.

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