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The 10 Largest Dump Trucks

The '08 Ford Super Duty F-450 6.4L is rated to haul a maximum payload of 6,120 pounds. Not bad for a street-legal rig that can supposedly fit into a shopping mall parking space, but imagine trucks that can haul more than 130 times that much weight in the bed, and you've got the Kings of Capacity. These massive "Off-Highway" mining dump trucks boast diesel engines that weigh as much as 25,000 pounds, have as many as 12 turbochargers, and make more than 10,000 lb-ft of torque. The trucks stand more than two stories tall, ride on 63-inch tires, and are stopped with the assistance of multiple-disc, oil-cooled brakes. Most of these trucks use hybrid diesel-electric drive systems to maximize efficiency and power delivery. To support payloads of up to 400 tons, these massive haulers have frame widths and depths that are measured in feet, not inches. The GVOW (gross vehicle operating weight) can exceed more than 650 tons. In fact, most of these dump trucks are so big that the parts have to be shipped to the job site so the trucks can be built on-site. Here are 10 of the highest-capacity trucks being sold today in their most powerful configurations.

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The Top 10 Coolest VIP Movie and TV Cars

There’s just something about a car on the big (or little) screen that captures our imaginations. Scripts that allow those vehicles to become more than a piece of the backdrop are always our favorite, and we’ve dug up 10 of our coolest VIP cars from movies and TV. We’ve got everything from sizeable wagons to slick American muscle and a few rides in between. You may not find your favorite on here, but we suggest checking out any flick or show you don’t recognize. You won’t be disappointed.

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The Top 7 Gadgets We’re Excited To See At CES 2010

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show is finally here and will be in Las Vegas to give you exclusive access. From eye popping TVs to hybrid bicycles, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven must-see products at CES 2010. These gadgets and gizmos will definitely break the bank, especially in our time of economic struggle, but we can always dream, right?

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The Top 20 Consistently Sexy Women of the Last Decade

For as long as there have been over one hundred sexy women on the planet, men have been giving them arbitrary rankings on an imaginary scale with no quantifiable explanation. In contemporary times, this impulse has led to the great minds of science and mathematics working together to give us Maxim’s Hot 100,’s Top 99 Women, and FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World. These yearly standings are a perfect synergy of the two things the Internet does best: scantily clad women and lists.

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The Top 15 Greatest Lies All Women’s Magazines Tell

Women’s magazines have come under fire in recent years, and for good reason. It’s taken a long time, and many hurt women, but these so-called publications are all getting called out more and more frequently for spewing loads of hot air — and often outright lies — to their readers. Spending no more than five minutes reading one of these rags can be enough to cause mild brain-damage, with the sheer amount of bad advice regurgitated month after month. We went through a few months’ worth of all the worst offenders, and honestly the effect is probably worse than sniffing glue — but we’ve got results. These are the 15 absolute worst lies that all women’s magazines tell — they’ve got millions of readers, so it may be a little scary.

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12 of the Deadliest Unmanned Killing Machines in Our Arsenal

Artificial intelligence has not yet reached a level that allows for a truly autonomous robot, but we have come far in the last 50 years. Robots are in use today, performing duties from vacuuming our floors to building cars, to fighting our wars for us. Only a handful of these machines possess any degree of autonomy, and even fewer of those (thankfully) are armed. The United States military stables the greatest arsenal of armed robots in the world, and has several major companies spearheading the advanced robotics research and development industry, with the singular stated goal of creating a better war machine.

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The Top 10 Acting Performances by Musicians

Musicians often get laughed at for having aspirations to act in film, and usually it’s pretty easy to see why. After all, no one’s basing acting classes around Britney Spears’ performance in Crossroads or Mariah Carey’s turn in Glitter, and even most of Elvis Presley’s movies are best forgotten. Still, there have been a number of singers, rappers, and rock stars that successfully crossed over into the world of acting, often to huge critical and popular acclaim. The following are ten of the most famous examples.

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The 12 Most Tarnished Brands in Technology

Quick, what’s the most admired technology brand? Maybe you answered Apple. Or Google. Or maybe even Microsoft. I’m reasonably certain, however, that none of the brands you’re about to read about sprung to mind. They’re all damaged goods–severely damaged goods in most cases.

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The Top 10 Kick-Ass Native Americans

The first Thanksgiving probably consisted a handful of starving settlers dumbfounded that they were still alive and eating food previously thought to be inedible, like eel and corn. Thankfully, they had Native Americans like Squanto to show them what to eat to survive. They repaid Squanto and his people by enslaving, massacring and destroying their entire way of life. However, many great Native Americans refused to take it lying down. They fought back, proving themselves smarter and better warriors until the sheer number of Europeans and their diseases overwhelmed them.

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Porn Stars’ Big Fake Boobs

With the 2010 AVN Awards Show taking place in Las Vegas this weekend at The Palms Casino Resort, we figured it was an opportune moment to take a look at dozens of the biggest, roundest, and most voluptuous gazungas in adult entertainment.

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The 6 Most Badass Skills You Can Learn in Under a Week

How many times have you watched an action movie and thought to yourself "Man, it must take years of training to be able to pull that off?" Real life police officers, soldiers, and spies have to undergo rigorous training before they get to pilot submarines and shoot people, right? As it turns out, that's... entirely true. Being a real-life James Bond would take a lifetime of learning and practice. But as it also turns out, there are classes you could take this year that could get you half-way to James Bondhood, many of them taking a week or less of your precious, movie-watching time.

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