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The 10 Most Somber Places in America

While some destinations promise fun in the sun, others offer a chance to explore a sober slice of American history. Commemorate some of the nation's most tragic events at these landmarks across the USA. The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City were the first foreign attack on U.S. soil since the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and caused the single largest loss of life on American soil by a foreign attack in our nation's history. The National September 11 Memorial honors the nearly 3,000 lives lost that day, including those killed at the Pentagon, in Pennsylvania and in the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

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10 Amazing Life Lessons You Can Learn From Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein has long been considered a genius by the masses. He was a theoretical physicist, philosopher, author, and is perhaps the most influential scientists to ever live. Einstein has made great contributions to the scientific world, including the theory of relativity, the founding of relativistic cosmology, the prediction of the deflection of light by gravity, the quantum theory of atomic motion in solids, the zero-point energy concept, and the quantum theory of a monatomic gas which predicted Bose–Einstein condensation, to name a few of his scientific contributions. He’s published more than 300 scientific works and over 150 non-scientific works. Einstein is considered the father of modern physics and is probably the most successful scientist there ever was.

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10 Most Bizarre Looking Sharks on Earth

Forget outer space; there are aliens far closer to home! These bizarre looking and strangely fascinating sharks look like they’re from another world. And from poisonous flesh and electrical sensors to sneaky ambushes and the impaling of prey, their methods of attack and self-defense are just as extraterrestrial seeming. Without further ado, then, we list the 10 most bizarre looking sharks on planet Earth.

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10 Discontinued Fast Food Items We Want Back

The world of fast-food chains is one full of innovation. Change the channel and there's some new product staring you down, filling you with desires you didn't even know you had. Just a second ago you didn't realize you wanted those chips inside your burrito but now all you want is to eat the shit out of that. You're halfway to your car, not even wearing pants, not even with enough money to pay for the food thing, but dammit you will rob the sorriest of mothers to eat this. But sometimes, in life, your desire is not strong enough to keep something in the world. Chains discontinue items, even though we don't want them to. Even though we cry and plead and start Facebook pages dedicated to their resurrection.

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25 Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat

It really is a shame. Some of the best-tasting foods are actually some of the worst in terms of fat and calories. But it can be hard to avoid them, especially in places—like malls—where nutrition information usually isn’t available. So we did the work for you; take a look at a list of foods you should skip—or pick—at a mall, restaurant, or grocery store.

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Top 10 Misused English Words

Many people who’ve had to proof read documents start to develop a kind of compulsive “tutting” at misused words. Here’s my top ten words that are misused by either professional writers or public speakers who, let’s be honest, should really know better. I’m not being paid for this, so I don’t feel so bad if there are mistakes!

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The 30 Best Action Figures of the 80’s

Growing up a boy, as I did -well, the boy part anyway, not so much the growing up part- I played with my fair share of action figures. What boy didn’t, right? How cool was it to shred open the package of a brand new Battle Beast or Centurion and wage instant war with your other toys? We never understood the possibility of collectability and rarity when we were kids, they were just cool toys, and that’s what they should have been. So, having had most of my memorable childhood in the 80’s, here are thirty of the best action figure lines ever created.

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Generally, when one kid in a family gets into show business, other kin are often soon to follow. I think there are many reasons for this. One, brothers and sisters are naturally competetive. That is not a bad thing by any stretch. But it does exist between siblings. Second, once someone is famous, it can naturally open doors for their siblings that would have otherwise remained shut. But I bet there are a bunch of famous celebrities you didn’t even know were related. Not even just brothers and sisters, but cousins and uncles, too.


11 of The Weirdest Burgers Ever

Happy National Cheeseburger Day everyone! In honor of the holiday celebrating one of the world’s most popular foods, here are a few of the strangest hamburgers ever grilled up and served on a bun. What’s better than a cheeseburger? A burger sandwiched between two delicious, buttery grilled cheese sandwiches. This delightful innovation on a burger was originally concocted at the Mossy Creek Cafe in Fisherville, Virginia, but since they have since gone out of business, you’re only option to enjoy one is to make your own. If you can’t figure it without a recipe, Serious Eats has instructions to help you create it at home. And, if you really want to up your chloresterol levels, then don’t miss the instructions on making a double bacon fatty melt.

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The Comic-Con 2010 Cosplay Gallery: 850 Amazing Costumes

It's over, finally. Comic-Con 2010 has come to an end, and it did not disappoint. From Avengers assembling to faces being stabbed, this was easily the biggest and most spectacle-filled con in recent memory. The many booths, exclusive toys, panels, announcements, and marketing stunts did not disappoint. Neither did the cosplay. While our pals at Comic Vine and Screened took care of the news coverage, I roamed the floor in my annual cosplay photo hunt. This year, I managed to snap up over 850 costume photos, ranging from your traditional Princess Leias and Supergirls to Iron Men and Green Lanterns (there were many of those).

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Breaking Barriers: 10 Of The Greatest Female Athletes

esearching champions of women’s athletics on the internet is an exercise in patience. Scores of women will be touted as the “sexiest”, “hottest” or the “most popular” athletes, but when it comes to records of pure, physical accomplishments, such names prove rather difficult to find. Despite what a quick Googling might lead you to believe, female athletes continue to break barriers in many sports, and it’s possible that mixed leagues are in our immediate future. Such an event is not entirely unforeseeable: throughout history many women have excelled in numerous sports, even exceeding the accomplishments of their male counterparts. We look back at some of the finest.

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25 Movies So Bad They're Unmissable

What makes a film so appalling that it transitions from ordinary ineptitude into the sublime; beyond cult status and into that surreal place where you really can't believe what you're watching? RT's regular contributor Michael Adams has a pretty good idea: as part of his new book Showgirls, Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies, he spent an entire year seeking out the greatest atrocities cinema has ever unleashed, watching more than 400 bad movies in a quest to to find the worst film ever made. Along the way, he spoke with such bad movie aficionados as John Landis, Joe Dante, Eli Roth, John Waters and the Mystery Science crew, while himself appearing in George Romero's Survival of the Dead. Here then are 25 of his picks for those films that, awful as they may be, you simply cannot turn away.

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