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8 Current Technologies That Will Shape Our Future

In 20 years our technology will reach a level of personalization that will enhance every moment of our lives. We’ll be more physically comfortable with the furniture we sit on and the products we hold; only the most relevant and personalized information from friends and family will reach us; and our movement in the digital world will be near telepathic. I foresee several of today’s technologies as relevant to this particular vision of the future. They will evolve to not only be more powerful, but also more integrated with one other.

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The Top 100 Most Beautiful Men

We have recently posted 99 most beautiful women according to and 90% of people didn’t understand how they chose these girls and how the ranks were given to them. It was even suggested that the author who made the list just “threw darts at a bunch of names.” This time it’s all about beautiful men. We do not know who did this list, but we can say one thing - it was obviously a girl, because men have no clue when it comes to men’s beauty. Dear ladies, tell me if you agree with the author of the rating and who do you like and dislike?

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Top 7 Manliest Swordfights in Film History

Scenes of swordplay have been entertaining filmgoers since the days of the nickelodeon. But these bloodless dance routines could hardly be described as "fights". They were the martial equivalent of sitcom couples in separate beds. As movie audiences grew more sophisticated, however, they craved more from their fight sequences. They needed to see the brutal reality of mortal combat.

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The 10 Most Ingenious Cheats In Automotive History

Amid the VW dieselgate shitshow we wondered about the other automotive cheaters who nearly got away. Thankfully, you, our readers gave us the answers. Why take the long way around when you could cheat your way through? In an effort to get around the the United States government’s 25 percent tariff from the Chicken Tax, Subaru designed U.S.-bound Brats to be equipped with two plastic rear-facing, bed-mounted passenger seats so that the Brat could be classified as a “car.” However that works.

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6 Brass Compression Fittings Installation Tips

Brass compression fittings are easy to install yourself, without hiring plumbers for the job. This lets you save on costs and also puts you in the habit of being able to take care of plumbing needs in your own home. The installation is not at all taxing and a few simple tips shall make it easier.

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Top 10 Japanese Etiquette Mistakes

In Japan, there are more opportunities for making etiquette mistakes than you can shake a chopstick at -- hang on, better not do that, it may cause offense. For every Japanese etiquette mistake listed here, there are another 50 that could have your face turning as red as a Japanese plum. To help smooth things along and keep that all-important social harmony intact, we've compiled a list of 10 Japanese etiquette mistakes you really don't want to make. You'll be pleased to know, however, that Japanese folk are generally pretty generous toward the non-Japanese who don't know the rules, so don't spend too much time worrying about the occasional indiscretion -- and be sure to enjoy yourself.

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The 6 Biggest Facebook Scams

Facebook now has a billion users, with more than half of those people signing on every month. Unfortunately, crooks and scammers are also part of the social network’s population—they figure at least a certain percentage of users will fall for their shenanigans. According to Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor at the security firm Sophos, the number of Facebook scams in play seems to be holding steady. And while Facebook is trying to tackle the problem, the scammers don't give up easily when they can profit off unsuspecting people. How do you spot a Facebook scam? Be wary of unlikely promises, Wisniewski say

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100 Great Things About America

From engineering feats, to cartoon dogs, to entrepreneurial gumption, America has plenty to celebrate. For the third year running, Fortune presents 100 outstanding things about the U.S.A.

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20 Pieces of Superhero Mashup Art

Sure superhero fan art can be fun on its own, but you know what’s better? Non-superheroes suddenly transformed into amazing men and women of comic book lore. Sure they might not be as good at saving the world, but from an aesthetic perspective, they’re way more fun.

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How French Toast And 8 Other Site-specific Foods Got Their Names

You could debate which country boasts the best local food and flavor, but one thing is clear: Some of our favorite foods have been stamped with approval by the nations that concocted them. We all benefit as a result, though we take for granted the origins and stories that led to these gastronomic wonders. Here's a look at how some traveling cuisines, cocktails and snacks got their starts.

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10 Great Alternatives To Green Beer On St. Patrick's Day

Put down those green beers and Shamrock Shakes! (Actually, on second thought, keep the Shamrock Shakes. They’re amazing, and a seasonal favorite.) While St. Patrick’s Day is often known as the day where people stumble around in an upsetting stupor at 3 PM, you can choose to drink both responsibly and creatively this year. Because on this day, everyone is Irish. Here are a few creative favorites you can try with your friends, from the safety of your own home. Click on the links to get the full recipe.

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The 15 Hottest Nerd Costumes for Guys

There are a large community of girls who cosplay on a regular basis and get a lot of attention for it. Rightfully so. But dudes who cosplay are a different breed altogether. Some just want to wax nostalgic by standing inside a giant cardboard Optimus Prime all day, while others feel comfortable enough to dress as Spider-Man in head-to-toe spandex. Whatever the case, us cosplaying girls have been hogging the spotlight for far too long --and it's time the fellas got a little recognition. Every nerdy and Maxim-esque website on the internet has done a Sexiest Female Cosplay lists, including Topless Robot, who focused on the sexiest costumes more than individuals. In it, Rob promised that there would be an equivalent list of sexiest nerd costumes for guys -- which I am now happy to present to you. Obviously, these costumes are highly dependent on the wearers' having the right body-type -- i.e., muscles -- to pull them off, but that was also true of the women's costumes. Also, there's not a lot of regular superhero costumes, because in all honesty, spandex rarely looks as good on guys as it does on girls. Boys, no complaints about today's list -- it's the ladies' turn to sexually objectify you.

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