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Muscle Car Flops: The 5 Least Muscular Muscle Cars

When the golden age of muscle cars ended in 1973, fuel shortages, insurance rate increases and emissions laws ushered in what has been popularly dubbed “The Malaise Era,” which saw low-compression, low-horsepower engines and cars that may have looked like muscle cars but sure didn’t perform like them. Here are some of the 98-pound weaklings of the immediate post-muscle era.

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10 Celebrity Couples Who Renewed Their Vows

Oh look, how adorable. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian got married — again! For their first wedding anniversary, LeAnn and Eddie chose to do something totally unique — they renewed their vows! How romantic. There’s no better way to prove how deep your love is than to dive deep into your pockets every year and blow a wad of cash on another celebration. If I sound sarcastic, it’s because I am. I absolutely loathe this celeb-driven trend of renewing your wedding vows every dang year. Save it for when you’ve really put some muscle and sweat into making it work, okay, like a 10th anniversary. Not to put a damper on LeAnn and Eddie’s second big day, but I actually think renewing your vows ups your chances of divorce. Just click through this slideshow — four out of nine are divorced and at least one more is reportedly on the rocks. Okay, so maybe those odds are just a reflection of the current divorce stats. Whatever — save your cash for couples therapy, folks!

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5 Richest Women In The U.S.

Each year Forbes Magazine releases its lists of the world's richest men and women. In the case of the women, much remained the same as the 2011 list including the fact that most of the women are not self-made, but instead inherited their money. Many of the richest women in the world are American. Here's a list of the richest women in the U.S.

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Top 10 Heartthrobs of the 1980s

Being a child of the 1980s I had a bedroom covered with posters of 1980s heartthrobs, rock and roll bands and fashion models. But my favorite, of course, were the heartthrobs. The 80s had their fair share of them and tweens of the 80s subscribed to all the magazines, especially Tiger Beat, for the latest information on the lives of our favorite crushes.

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Top 10 Cougar Resorts

Apparently cougars love resorts in warm climates, with many activities and sexy male hotel staff. Cougar Life, a dating site aimed at pairing older women with younger men, polled 3,533 of their members to discover where and how cougars like to get away. "Many Cougars, like myself, prefer an active vacation that includes tennis, golf, hiking, and skiing," said Cougar Life spokesperson Marlo Jordan. They also prefer (in a 76 to 14 percent margin) to seduce resort staff while on vacation, rather than bring a date. One third of respondents claimed to have an affinity for tennis and golf instructors. According to the Cougar Life website, a cougar is a woman 35 or older and seeking or involved with a "cub," a man at least five years younger.

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10 Reasons Why Not to Let Your Friend Play Matchmaker

"You should ask my friend Jenny out, you guys would be perfect for each other." We have all heard this line numerous times. Just because your friend knows the both of you really well and thinks you would be a great couple does not mean it will work. Actually, the chances are very slim. So, before you venture down that path consider these things.

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The 5 Most Disappointing Video Games of This Generation

I recently wrote a post about the most disappointing summer blockbusters, movies we thought were going to be fantastic but ended up letting us down. I thought I’d try something similar with video games, as this has happened plenty particularly in the last console generation. Some of these are slam dunks, a few might cause a bit more controversy like how I can’t STAND Halo: Reach. Yeah, I said it. Check out the list below, and check back for another iteration in fifty years after we’ve all been disappointed by Half-Life 3.

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Top 10 Pet Poisons of 2009

Our homes are chock full of pet poisons — and they’re not just the obvious, like rat poison or that can of Comet. In 2009, the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) handled more than 140,000 cases of pets exposed to toxic substances, many of which included everyday household products. Below is their list of the top 10 pet poisons that affected Fluffy and Fido in 2009.

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10 Most Anticipated Cars for 2011

We may not know art – but we know what we like – new 2011 models. Offerings from the major auto makers in 2011 look to be some of the most stylish (and technologically advanced) vehicles to come off a production line since Tucker introduced moving headlights and automatic wipers (or was that Greg Kinnear?). Regardless, modes of transit have come a long way: from automatic braking to panoramic rooftops. These are not your grandma’s Caddy’s. Take a look at what the Automopedia staff is excited about in 2011. Chime in and let us know what vehicles you want to test drive this year.

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Top 15 Effects of Booze - Both Positive and Negative

Some argue that because of the pervasiveness of alcohol throughout the world’s various cultures, that man is meant to brew it. Silly as it may sound, it’s got some merit, since like or not alcohol is a major part of our heritage. The stuff causes its share of troubles, to be sure, but there are plenty of oft-overlooked positives to be found in it as well.

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10 Health Myths That Just Won't Die, Debunked by Science

Everything makes you fat! Gluten-free food is the key to eternal youth! You need to poop ten times a day or you’ll die! You’ll find tons of equally ridiculous health claims around the internet, and you’ll actually believe some of them. Today we’re taking a look at 10 common myths and uncovering the truth. While we’ve learned a lot about health issues here at Lifehacker over the years, we can’t claim expertise on any particular subject. To help us get to the root of these myths, we solicited the help of three experts: Dr. Carly Stewart (medical expert at Money Crashers), Andy Bellatti (Las Vegas-based registered dietitian), and Dr. Spencer Nadolsky (medical editor at They all offer a unique perspective on each myth but mostly came to the same conclusions: we have a lot of silly misinformation out there about our health.

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10 Surprising Facts About American Muscle Cars

America loves speed. The 1960s and 1970s might have produced the wildest and rarest muscle cars packing giant torque-rich V-8s, but the 1980s brought its share of powerful machines to the street, too—cars that were quick and met the more stringent emissions controls. And behind the horsepower there are some surprising stories.

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