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20 Stores That Refuse to Open on Thanksgiving

In recent years, the Black Friday craze has inched further and further into Thanksgiving. With stores opening as early as 5 p.m. on Thursday, festive dinners are being overshadowed by shopping frenzies. Retailers like to point the blame at consumers—in a survey last year, 38 percent of shoppers said they planned to shop on Thanksgiving—but opening a day early also runs the risk of cannibalizing sales that could have been made on Friday. Furthermore, with stores open the day before, the idea of going shopping in the middle of the night for already picked-over merchandise seems unnecessary. But there are still stores that allow workers to stay home and enjoy the holiday. Here are some of the bigger retailers that will be closed on Thanksgiving.

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Top 10 Things We Take For Granted

You wake up one morning and realize that you’re terribly late for work. What do you do? You spring out of bed, hop on your feet, slap together a crude sandwich and dash out the door. After arriving to your workplace – in one piece hopefully – you surreptitiously sneak into your seat only to be approached by your boss. You quickly fabricate a seemingly legitimate reason for your tardiness, “there was a marching band full of seniors crossing the road next to my driveway. Sheesh! Can you believe it?” Your boss looks at you with a gaunt expression on his/her face and finally smiles and says “don’t you remember? I gave you the day off today!” As hinted within the story above, people have an innate tendency to take some of their abilities for granted. Oftentimes, we overlook the remarkable features that are ingrained within our daily lives. This list will cover 10 such attributes, which are deemed the most conspicuous traits that distinguish us from most brute animals.

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10 Celebrity Names You Are Pronouncing Wrong

It happens to the best of us. You’re discussing a movie with your friends and suddenly find yourself stumbling over the name “Quevenzhane Wallis” like you’ve never seen letters before. While not every celeb name is as tricky as that of the “Beasts of the Southern Wild” star, some of the real pronunciations might surprise you.

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10 Fascinating Train Routes Across The World

The history of rail transport dates back nearly 500 years. Many railroads that passes through wonderful landscapes have until recently been a popular form of passenger transport. But with the invention of planes, these beautiful and sometimes treacherous routes are usually transformed into a tourist attractions. The Konkan Railway is a railway line which runs along the Konkan coast of India. It runs from Thokur, near Mangalore in Karnataka to Roha railway station in Maharashtra through Goa, along the west coast of India and Western Ghats.

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Meet the Parents: 11 Dads of Famous Juniors

Let’s get ready for Father’s Day by taking a look at some dads who gave famous people a giant gift: their names. From Martin Luther King Sr to Sammy Davis Sr, here are the seniors behind a slew of well-known Juniors.

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5 Bedtime Snacks That'll Help You Sleep Better

If you're constantly groggy but struggling to get the sleep you need, your biological clock could be out of whack. Thankfully, getting your snooze cycle back in sync might be as simple as picking a new bedtime snack, according to a new study published in the journal Cell Reports. Researchers from Japan's Yamaguchi University found that eating a carbohydrate-rich snack in the evening may help reset your circadian clock. Why carbs? In the study, researchers found that insulin influences the crucial sleep-regulating gene PER2 in mice; this led them to conclude that ingredients that promote insulin secretion might also help promote healthy circadian patterns in humans. And since carbs in particular increase insulin secretion, they should also help to regularize your body's PER2 cycles so you're drowsy when you should be.

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5 Tricks Every Computer User Needs To Know

In a perfect digital world, you could sit down at any computer or pick up any gadget and just use it. There wouldn't be a learning curve or workarounds. Unfortunately, that's never going to happen. With all due respect to the late Mr. Jobs, even Apple products don't always "just work." Little problems and annoyances will pop up when you least expect it. That's why I've rounded up these five tricks. Keep them in the back of your mind and they'll get you out of the eventual jam.

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5 Ways to Lower Your Risk for Alzheimer's Disease

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals in the world. Consider your morning commute: You hop into your car, where you’re protected from the elements by aluminum body panels. You sip your morning coffee from an aluminum travel mug. You arrive at your desk and pry open your laptop’s aluminum case to check your email. All of this exposure to aluminum, however, may come at a cost. Research suggests that the metal — a known neurotoxin — builds up in the brain over time, contributing to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.

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10 Notoriously Violent Courthouse Crimes

Courtrooms are places where life-and-death decisions are made on a daily basis. They’re also places where violent criminals, witnesses, close family members, and officials like judges as well as police officers can be found in close proximity. Not surprisingly, there have been occasions when courtroom aggression has moved out of the verbal arena and become violent – even deadly. From notorious criminals of the past like Floyd Allen, to radicals and hostage situations, read on for 10 of the most notorious courthouse incidents in history.

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10 Crazy Facts About Seagulls

Gulls are pretty boring as far as birds go. These white, annoying avians circle around boardwalks and beaches, just waiting for you to look away from your funnel cake for two seconds. But that’s all there is to know, right? Actually, there are some fascinating things about these creatures that you might not first suspect.

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20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Tuna Fish

How often do you eat tuna fish? What is your favorite recipe? We all know that consuming fish is healthy and that we should eat it at least twice a week. The benefits of eating tuna are many, and tuna is healthy, we should all eat more tuna. Today we’re having a closer look at them, and bring you the benefits of tuna fish in detail. Let’s dive in.

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14 Animals Stealing Marshmallows

September 22 -- is the first day of Fall. We all know what that means: scarves, falling leaves, football season, warm drinks (and marshmallows to accompany them). So, of course, to celebrate the season, we put together photos of animals sneaking marshmallows. Because, you know, how could we not?

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