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The View Down From the 10 Tallest Freestanding Structures on Earth

We’re fairly used to seeing pictures of the world’s tallest towers and skyscrapers from the outside. The sight of an altered skyline and the soaring, graceful contours of these structures is undeniably impressive, but what about the view from the top? Little can rival the experience of looking straight down from the towering height of an observation deck hundreds – if not thousands – of feet up in the air. Yet beyond the vertigo-inducing views, these incredible structures owe their existence to masterful engineers – the professionals who come up with innovative designs for building taller and taller constructions. These engineers have to ensure that each soaring edifice is structurally sound, from the foundations to the tip of the highest spire.

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18 Hair Styles From The 1960s That Will Boggle Your Mind!

In the 1960s there was one hair motto: “bigger is better!” Some were really able to pull off the big hair like Dolly Parton, Priscilla Presley or Brigitte Bardot, but for others maybe a few of these 1960s hairdos are better left forgotten. Big hair in the 60s took time and effort and proved that beauty doesn’t come easy. If you wanted the big hair look it was going to require time, patience and a great can of hairspray. Would you wear your hair like this again now if you had the chance? Are the beehive and bouffant due for a comeback or should they remain a trend of the past?

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Top 5 Tough Latinas from Action Movies

One might think that when it comes to our various forms of entertainment, we’d have long since moved past the days of clichéd characters and racial stereotypes. Well if you actually believe that, then you’re as wrong as Barack Obama for not tattooing his birth certificate to his forehead. Apparently Hollywood still has a place in its cold dead heart for token black guys, Asian martial artists and overtly effeminate villains to ham it up on the big screen. One of the slightly less offensive though still prominent clichéd characters in genre films is the “tough Latina”. This familiar character usually appears in what would otherwise be sausage-fest action flicks. She’s basically there to spice things up, draw in a more diverse crowd and to show that the ladies can blow sh** up too. She also tends to have a “hot-blooded temper” and may even have to be restrained by the fellas from time to time.

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11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Food Stamps

Food stamps have become a major facet of the American system. And as the number of welfare recipients increases, so does the number of items that can be purchased with a food stamp Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. Government assistant programs have been on a steady recipient incline for the last 50 years. For the FY 2013, a record number of Americans were receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. In 2008, 28.2 million Americans were on food stamps, and an additional 19.4 million have been added in the last five years. Today, 47 million Americans are on food stamps.

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64 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Grief

We think about grief a lot around here – we write about types of grief, grief theory, personal reflections, creative expression for coping with grief, practical ideas for managing grief, and on and on and on. But there are some days that all seems like a lot to take in. We think back to the basics. Not the theory stuff, not the ideas about how to cope — just the really basic things that people never tell you about grief. So, with your help, that is what we have today — a quick and dirty list of the things we wish we had known about grief, before we knew anything about grief.

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15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

ack when I was in 7th grade I stood up in front of my English class and delivered a tongue-in-cheek, poorly researched presentation on why I thought Mister Rogers should be the next President. I ate up the first few minutes zipping up my cardigan, and putting on some sneakers, and then I proceeded to mock him roundly. It was a riotous success. Fourteen years later, I'm using this post to repent.

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59 More Slang Phrases From The 1920s We Should Start Using Again

I learned a couple things from the response to my article on slang phrases from the 1920s. Number first: The Roaring Twenties really did have the coolest vernacular ever. However, I also found out that the internet loves the 1920s as much as I do – except for the overt racism, ban on alcohol and regressive gender politics, of course. In terms of vocab, the 20s got all of us beat. For all you 20s junkies, here are 59 more great slang phrases from the decade that keeps on giving

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7 Best Sedans For Young-at-Heart Retirees

With the conviction that growing older doesn't have to mean getting old, Bankrate put together a list of the seven best cars for young-at-heart retirees. Because active adults tend to have friends with whom they enjoy socializing, only four-door sedans made the cut. They're also easier to get in and out of. Front-seat comfort, ride quality and a quiet cabin are important, particularly for older drivers. Bankrate looked to Consumer Reports to grade these characteristics for each sedan. To make the list, CR had to award the car a "good" to "excellent" rating in each category. Prices were capped at $35,000 before the destination fee.

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7 Old Movies That We Want to See in 3D

My earliest memory of watching a movie in 3-D was back in the late 1980s when Jaws 3 came out. Back then the highlight of the technology involved severed limbs and fish carcasses floating out at you in a rather creepy fashion. Other than that, there really was not much of a difference. Oh what a couple decades can do when it comes to technology. It seems that 3D has made a comeback in a big way the last couple years with everything from a major motion picture to a cartoon to horror films. If not for the visual treat that the 3-D technology added to Avatar, there is no way that movie would have grossed $50 million, let alone become one of the highest grossing movies of all time. In an industry that is fond of retooling, remaking, and flat-out copying its past work, it would nice if Hollywood updated some of these cinema greats (and not so greats) in 3D?

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10 Bizarre Facts About Animal Language

We tend not to give much thought to the seemingly incoherent wails of our animal friends, but many of them communicate in a far more advanced form than you might expect. While we’re not quite talking about muskrats speaking English, or toads performing the works of Shakespeare in Latin, some of these forms of animal communication might surprise you.

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10 Accounting Tricks the 1% Use to Dodge the Taxman

It’s not a good time to be rich. Currently, the world of finance is going through more scandals than British comedian Jimmy Carr has one-liners (but more on him later). And everywhere you look, there’s illegal shifting, trading and sharing of information between the wealthy. But what about the legal and quasi-legal tricks used by the rich to hang onto their money? It’s a sad fact that most of the methods used by the top 1% to evade the taxman are, if not moral, at least allowed within the letter of the law. Hold onto your purse strings as we list the 10 dirtiest accounting tricks the rich use to keep their cash.

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10 Actors We Wish Were More Talented Than They Are

Why do we like certain actors? Oh so many reasons. There are those who can give a charming interview, those who share our nerdy or hipstery pursuits, those who can write a wicked tweet or those so scintillatingly sexy they send us scurrying to our bunks. And, I'd like to think, talent plays a part somewhere. That the reason our Pajiba 10 differs from, say, People's 50 Most Beautiful or Maxim's Hot 100 is that we like our celebrities comely and accomplished. But sometimes even the most discerning among us are caught off guard by an untalented actor. Our affection for them grows until it's too late, we're fans and almost (almost) blind to the limits of their range. Usually this happens when a performer lucks into a TV or film franchise role that fits them like a glove.

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