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9 Athletes with a Ridiculous Amount of Kids

Is it Father’s Day already? No. It’s not. But it’s always fun to talk about pro athletes knocking women up. So rather than have Xmas in November, let’s have Father’s Day in November and commemorate nine guys that just…well, there’s no way around it. These guys have a TON of kids. Some legit, most not. The details on illegitimate kids are fuzzy due to disclosure agreements, and we don’t want to go around (further) sullying these guys’ names. Not wanting to go on a Woodward and Bernstein-type investigative exploration, we stopped at the confirmed kids, but feel free to let your imagination run wild. The rankings are largely in order of number of children, with an exception being made for Scott Skiles. You’ll see.

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Top 15 Parks in Florida to visit in the Spring

La Florida, meaning “Flowery State,” is what the great state of Florida was known as when it was discovered by Spanish explorers in 1513. Not much has changed from those days until now in the sense of Florida’s natural beauty. The only change is that now, people have more access to these areas that host nature’s delights, and that their preservation through the National Parks Service makes them an iconic treasure that can be enjoyed for generations.

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10 Celebrities You’d Never Guess Studied to be Accountants

Accountancy has an undeserved reputation for being an uncreative field, but when it comes to balancing the books, it seems that inspiration can sometimes be key. In fact, from eccentric comedian Eddie Izzard to rock superstar Robert Plant, a variety of creative individuals have trained to be accountants over the years; and so too have other celebrities more renowned for brawn than brains. Here’s our list of the 10 most surprising famous people who wanted to join the profession and studied to do so.

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7 Times When It's Okay To Dumpster Dive

Back in our salad days, my husband and I outfitted much of our New Orleans apartment with dumpster dive goodies. We found our coffee table in the trash behind a defunct Japanese restaurant. Some serious sanding removed the cigarette burns and -- presto! -- we had a unique centerpiece for our living room. We next culled a wrought-iron headboard from the flea market dumpster. It's pre-antiqued look was ideal for our French Quarter home. Soon our walls were covered with posters, tapestries and hand-woven rugs rescued from other trash bins. All these finds, not to mention many an unusual nick and knack, gave our slave-quarters apartment a unique flair for nearly nothing. We were just kids, justifiably proud of our dumpster dive finds. Many years later, however, I still find it difficult to pass a well-stuffed trash barrel without peeking in, particularly during the spring days when students in our college town are trashing unwanted belongings. Old habits die hard. Besides, there's something criminal about sending perfectly good consumer goods to our overflowing landfill.

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10 Foods That May Trigger a Migraine

As if migraines weren't awful enough, it can be downright overwhelming to sidestep all the things that could set off an attack. Problem is, food triggers not only vary from person to person, but much of our knowledge about them comes less from carefully controlled studies and more from observing patients, explains Lee Peterlin, DO, the director of headache research at Johns Hopkins University.

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5 Medical Innovations of the Civil War

Last year marked the 150th anniversary of the first gunshots of the Civil War -and the first gunshot wounds. As it turns out, the bloodiest war in American history was also one of the most influential in battlefield medicine. Civil War surgeons learned fast, and many of their MacGyver-like solutions have had lasting impact. Here are some of the advances and the people behind them.

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10 Surprising Things Kids Knew in 1980 and Don’t Have a Clue About Today

As it turns out, kids these days actually do know less than they used to. Kent State University researchers conducted a study that evaluated the general knowledge of students in the U.S. during the year 2012 by using an exhaustive test first implemented in 1980. The study ranks the most commonly known facts among college students and compares those rankings to their 1980 equivalents. Click through to see the major differences in what kids know about pop culture, science, history, and geography. You may be surprised at what the study reveals.

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The 10 Best Sitcom Christmas Episodes of the Past 30 Years

Do you like to fa-la-la-la-laugh this time of year? Of course you do! If for no other reason than to stop yourself from crying about the debt and disappointment that the season inevitably brings. TV executives realize that more than Christmas, right this very minute what we really need is laughter. As such, episodes of your favorite sitcoms have become a holiday staple throughout the decades. But for every inventive Yuletide installment of your favorite shows there are seemingly hundreds of cliché-ridden sitcom retreads of A Christmas Carol broadcast each December (as you'll soon learn, even some of these can have their charms). So here's an early Topless Robot holiday present, a look at the 10 best sitcom Christmas episodes from the past 30 years. You can easily find most of these available online for viewing, so read away and then spend some time visiting TV friends old and new. It won't make it be January get here any quicker, but it might dull the pain for awhile.

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10 Most Brutal Prisons in the World

Prisons – there’s no escaping it. If you dump a large number of violent criminals together and offer them no hope and no future, there are bound to be problems. Life behind bars can often be just as brutal as life on the outside – for some offenders, even more so. What’s more, on top of vicious inmates and sadistic guards, prisoners also face the sometimes extreme difficulties of overcrowding, poor hygiene, and bad sanitation. To deal with their harsh environments, lifetime criminals often have to toughen up and “switch off” even more. From the threat of deadly prison gangs to the fear of being unexpectedly shanked in the shower, life in jail must take its toll on any inmate’s mental state. And as a result, prison counselors have clearly got their work cut out for them.

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Top 10 Fashion Trends From the 1980s

Sometimes we miss the 1980s a little bit. And then we remember all the awful fashion trends and we’re oh so happy they’re over. 80s fashion trends were just so… 80s. And we wouldn’t be caught dead in most of them these days. But a few of them? We might try again. Here are the top 10 fashion trends from the 80s.

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The Top 10 Iconic Video Game Weapons

Video game weapons are a huge part of why we love gaming so much. We can harness intense firepower, manipulate mind-blowing physics, and smash heads in a way not legally possible in the real world. And for many games, the weapons are as noteworthy as the characters that wield them. So, here at Joystick Division, we want nothing more than to offer you a complete list of what we think are the biggest, best, and baddest weapons in video game history. Please, do enjoy it.

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10 Amazing Artworks Created From Coins

Pennies are often unfairly overlooked, but their presence on a share price can make the difference between a thriving company and one in apparent financial trouble. Sure, there’s not much you can buy with just a handful, and they don’t have quite the same allure as a wad of bills; however, as anyone with a penny jar can testify, they soon add up. Several artists have also seen the possibility in the spare change we carry around, putting it to good use in pieces that show how currency can have much more than just financial worth. Here are ten cool artworks created from coins.

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