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10 Futuristic Technologies We Wish Existed Right Now

As technology invents and reinvents the way we live our lives and think about things, one thing is for sure: the future may never truly arrive -- at least not how we want it to. As nerds, we've become accustomed to being teased with countless painfully plausible devices from our favorite movies, books and shows that at times seem like they're only a year or two away from proper execution in our digital world, until we realize that it's been five years since we read the article telling us that it was finally happening. Some of the fictionalized tech exhibited in this list isn't necessarily from a futuristic timeline, but is futuristic to us since we don't have it yet. Maybe one day we'll get our mitts on this fine machinery, but until then, all we can do is hope. Hope, of course, and look to the future.

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12 Types of Crash Test Dummy

Although crash test dummies are iconic, there are a variety of different types, dating back to the fifties. There are ones for different genders, age, size and more recently, weight, with fatter dummies to represent the growing trend of obesity. There are different ones for cars, trains, planes, motorbikes and even those used for pedestrian impacts. Here are a dozen interesting examples.

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15 Best Islands You've Never Heard Of

Virgin Islands? Done that. Twice. While many well known islands inhabit prominent spots on the average bucket list, there's another group of outposts that only the truly island-savvy know about. These under-the-radar islands have sea views and ocean breezes, but are blessedly lacking in crowds, fabricated attractions and recreation "ambassadors" leading the Macarena. These are 15 little known islands that time, Club Med and maybe even your favorite guide forgot.

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10 More Surprising Ways Animals Use Tools

The subject of animal intelligence has been touched on in a previous list by Andrew Handley—and it’s a subject which is often uncomfortable for those who like to think of humans as a separate, special kind of creature. Unfortunately for these people, it is impossible to eny that animals are intelligent—and often much more so than we have generally given them credit for. One of the most startling cognitive abilities demonstrated by animals is their ingenious use of tools. Here are ten examples of animals who have found that nature did not equip them as well as it might have—and who have thus made up the shortfall themselves.

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Freezer Freaks: 5 Weird Things I Freeze To Save Money

It's official: I've become my grandmother. I realized it the other morning when I opened the door to our freezer. That icy vault was packed to the brim. But -- in the finest tradition of my Grandma Yeager -- it wasn't filled so much with leftovers, like you'd find in most household freezers. You see, my Grams had a few deep frozen secrets. She knew about weird stuff; weird stuff you can deep-six in the freezer and maybe save some money in the process.

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10 Ways to Stretch Your Phone's Battery Power

As smartphones become more multitasking (at this point, what don't they do?), a notable tradeoff has been a decline in battery life. We all want high-performing phones that we can use to make tons of phone calls while running apps, streaming music, and surfing the web, and have a battery that lasts for a couple days. But unless you want to go back to Zach Morris-style headsets (which could house super-large batteries), you'll have to settle for recharging at least once a day. But there are things you can do to increase your phone's battery life.

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7 Automakers With The Best Car Warranties

When shopping for a new car, an important part of sizing up a deal financially should be to determine the value of the car warranties. Auto companies traditionally offer basic coverage, which covers repairs and defects for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, some companies are offering warranties for much longer than the three-year 36,000-mile standard, and savvy shoppers can take advantage. These buyers may benefit from having a lower total cost of ownership. There are generally at least four types of new-car warranties.

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The 5 Best Email Clients

Email as a technology has been around for decades, and thanks to wide spread adoption and popularity, it isn't in danger of disappearing. Check out the five most popular email clients to help you wrangle your email. Earlier this week we asked your to share your favorite email client. We didn't restrict the voting to only stand-alone email applications or web-based email clients, but we did specify that if you voted for a web-based tool it had to have distinctly client-like features—such as Gmail's ability to fetch and sort email from other sources. The email Call for Contenders was one of the most popular we've ever had, with over 1,000 votes logged. Here are the five most popular clients used by Lifehacker readers.

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The 20 Worst Guidos

Jersey Shore has come and gone, but the legacy of the guido lives forever. These hair-gelled warriors of the dance floor are the nadir of the American male - all spray tans, Ed Hardy shirts and attitude. We've gone into the wild to bring back pictures of the 20 worst guidos we could find. These orange goblins give Italy a bad name. Like worse than Mussolini did.

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10 Most Legendary College Fraternities in Cinema

Whether or not you were “a pledge” in college, everyone loves films about fraternities. Maybe it’s because by watching them we feel like we’re getting back in touch with our younger selves. Maybe it’s because they depict a carefree existence, before the responsibilities of adulthood have kicked in. Or maybe we just enjoy them for their constant stream of riotous, alcohol-induced antics and their abundance of attractive young students! Whatever the case may be, here are the 10 movie fraternities that you’d most like to party with (when you’re not busy studying hard, of course!).

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5 Best Instant Messengers

Instant messaging has become so ubiquitous, an entire generation of internet users is probably unaware there was ever life without it. Check out the following five most popular instant messengers to to help you communicate across networks and the world. Last week we asked you to share your favorite instant messenger with us, and now we're back to share the top five candidates for the title of Best Instant Messenger. The following instant messengers all support multiple IM protocols, more than we could reasonable list in every single entry. If you'd like a quick way to compare clients while reading over the list, check out the extensive instant messenger comparison chart at Wikipedia.

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Top 10 Left 4 Dead Cosplays/Costumes

People have been quite passionate about Left 4 Dead for some time now, making new maps and mods to share their feelings of how they feel about the game, along with the showmen ship of their skills. And, truthfully, they deserve all the respect we can give, but there’s one group of Left 4 Dead enthusiast that I feel are more or less left out for their work. The people who strive to bring Left 4 Dead to life, the cosplayers! To help show our appreciation for these ambitious, and resourceful people, I bring you the Top 10 Left 4 Dead Cosplays/Costumes!

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