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10 Amazing Man Made Underwater Discoveries

Itís incredible what weíve found buried in the depths of the sea. Every shipwreck is exciting, but sometimes divers stumble across objects that have no business being near water in the first place. From 19th-century locomotives to ancient cities that previously lived only through legend, the ocean is a vast treasure chest filled with the gems of history. And with only between 5 and 7 percent of the sea floor charted, who knows what else it could be hiding.

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10 Weirdest Inventions Predicted In Sci-fi Novels

Science fiction has long been regarded for its ability to predict the rise of certain technology. A lot of the machines and devices we use today were discussed and pondered in sci-fi decades before they became popular. But not everything predicted in sci-fi becomes reality.

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10 Huge Versions of Already Terrifying Animals

There is certainly no shortage of people who are afraid of certain animals. Spiders and bees would be among the most common and least rational examples of such fears. But there are certain instances when they can deal some serious damage. Examples of more rational fears would be of alligators, or snakes: Most of us donít know much about them and there are plenty of them that can really hurt us. But even if you donít scare easily, there are certain animals that just look plain freaky. And these only get worse when you magnify them.

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10 Natural Wonders to See Before They Disappear

You've heard the grim timelines: if warming continues, the Great Barrier Reef will be bleached by 2030; glaciers in the Swiss Alps, on Mt. Kilimanjaro, and in Glacier National Park will disappear in under 40 years; and Arctic ice melt will leave the North Pole bare and polar bears extinct. The immediacy of these timelines prompts flocks of curious eco-tourists to travel to environmentally fragile areas. Tourism is both bane and boon: it can add strain to already distressed areas, but it can also provide income, which in turn can help preserve these wonders. In time for Earth Day, we spotlight 10 areas under threatósome lesser known than othersóthat can still be visited responsibly. Should you decide to plan a journey, we've recommended our favorite tour operator for each destination. In some cases the price tag may be higher than your average vacation, but consider it an investment in Mother Earth.

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10 Expenses You May Think You Can Deduct On Your Taxes, But Can't

At tax time, there is plenty of advice out there about how to maximize income tax deductions. With so much publicity focusing on what you can properly deduct, it's easy to think that almost anything you spend money on during the year can be a potential tax deduction. Not so fast. That type of thinking can get you into some pretty hot water with the IRS. Below is a list of expenses that might seem as if they should be deductible on your tax return -- but really aren't.

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23 Smart Uses for Tax Refunds

With tax season in full swing, many Americans are expecting a refund. Instead of restocking your entire shoe rack or buying a big flat-screen TV, there are plenty of smart ways to invest your money that could mean an even fatter wallet in the long run. Here are some of your options.

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10 Essential Homemade Survival Items

If you dream of being the next Ray Mears, you understand the importance of being prepared for anything nature might throw your way.We have found 10 innovative homemade survival techniques to keep you alive, with a few dollars left in your pocket.

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The 50 highest-earning American athletes

Is the slumping economy finally affecting America's premier athletes? For the sixth consecutive year, Sports Illustrated has compiled a list of the 50 top-earning American athletes in salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees. And for the first time, the average earnings of those on the list fell -- down $1.5 million per athlete to $23.6 million. That falloff is mostly due to lower earnings for No. 1 Tiger Woods and No. 2 Phil Mickelson, both of whom saw their on-course income shrink while also losing key endorsement deals.

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The Top 10 Tech Fails of 2013

"Fail fast." It's a mantra you hear in the tech-startup world -- a reminder to chase your dreams even if you need to pick up the pieces and start from scratch every now and then. Of course, some failures work out better than others. This year saw its share of technology-driven missteps. Some were rare slip-ups by usually reliable tech titans. Others were folks who crashed the world stage via the Internet's powerful echo chamber, got lambasted for their efforts, then disappeared to presumably never be heard from again. Among them all, it wasn't hard to fill the top spot on this year's list of "tech fails."

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Fit2Fat2Fit Author Drew Manning's Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

A little more than a year ago, personal trainer Drew Manning stopped working out, and started eating fast food, white bread, sugary cereal and soda. Manning, a self-proclaimed fitness addict, started the weight-gain journey to better understand what his overweight clients go through. He let himself go completely, and chronicled the process in video blog on his website, Manning gained 21 pounds in the first month. As the weeks progressed, his confidence - and his health - took a downturn. He started to get winded easily, and his glucose level and blood pressure were high. "It's getting a little scary," he said in one of his video blogs. Manning's wife, Lynn, was prepared to see the physical changes in her husband, but didnít expect the emotional and personality changes that came with the weight gain.

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The 20 Creepiest Clowns

Clowns aren't supposed to be scary, but for some reason they scare the crap out of people. Blame it on Stephen King, blame it on James Carpenter, the point is, that if an orange haired man wearing bright makeup ask if you'd like to play a game - you're probably gonna die. These 20 Halloween clowns won't be serving you happy meals, making balloon animals or inviting you to play the Grand Prize Game. They're straight from the devil's circus tent and they don't play nice.

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Top Dogs Across America: 10 Most Popular Breeds by State

We all know the stereotypes: Purse-friendly, fluffy white dogs dominate the streets of uptown Manhattan, while trendy crossbreeds must be all the rage in image-conscious Los Angeles. Would you just look at the coat on that Cockapoo! But what's the real deal when it comes to a state's preference in pups? Are Huskies really the top dog in Alaska? Is that ubiquitous Taco Bell mascot, the Chihuahua, truly big (at least in popularity) in north-of-the-border states like Texas?

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