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15 Criminals Who Got Caught By Bragging About Their Crimes

Look, jail sucks, and not everyone who's locked up deserves to be there. I'm not here to pass judgement on whether or not certain crimes are prison worthy, I'm just here to point out that sometimes people do bad things, and when they do, it's kinda cool when their own arrogance and stupidity is what gets them caught.

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10 Pieces of British Slang I’d Like to See Adopted in America

I watch a lot of British television. My wife just watched all of Downton Abbey in about a day, and I love Doctor Who so much that we named our daughter Amelia. We’re two cultures separated by a common language, but the more British television I watch, the more envious I’ve become of some of their slang terms, and I’d like to see some of them adopted into American English so I can use them without sounding like a jerk who’s just been watching too much BBC. Clearly, not all of these will catch on overnight here in the States, but I think if we all put a little effort into it, we can make this happen. You might not agree with all my choices, but I’ll explain my reasons for each one. Hear me out, won’t you, mates?

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6 Simple Ways to Improve Bars

Bars shaped like a sine wave (or cosine, I'm open to ideas) could seat more people than the linear bars we see every day, AND those people can also actually see each other as if they were sitting around a table, instead of in a row. Sine bars also have built in points where people who aren't sitting can immediately get the bartender's attention. Now everyone can feel like that one hot-looking, incredibly loud girl.

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Top 10 Veterans Day Destinations

If you're looking for a new way to honor the nearly 25 million United States vets this coming Veterans Day, consider a trip to one of these profound memorials, museums and battlefields in cities across the country. From Arlington, Virginia, to Honolulu, Hawaii, our list of Top 10 places to visit on Veterans Day will offer new perspectives on being a veteran and the chance to honor those, current and past, who have served in the US military.

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7 Tax Tips Regarding IRAs

There are only a few more days left of tax season, and even if you plan on filing an extension, you may still need to hit the April 15 deadline when it comes to your IRA contributions. The IRS rules surrounding IRAs can be tedious, so now is a good time to review the regulations and how to stay compliant so as to avoid any unnecessary penalties.

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10 Amazing Scientific Facts About Lists

People like lists of things. They're everywhere on the internet. You name any subject matter you can think of, odds are there's a list about it. Nowhere is safe. Even here, on the Guardian Science section, one of the most popular articles in recent months is a list. But why are lists so popular? Well, here are 10 astonishing facts about lists that may help explain it.

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Mark Cuban's 12 Rules for Startups

Anyone who has started a business has his or her own rules and guidelines, so I thought I would add to the memo with my own. My "rules" below aren't just for those founding the companies, but for those who are considering going to work for them, as well.

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10 Bands Known Only for a TV Show Theme Song

If any of you musicians dream of being a one-hit wonder, consider peddling your wares to a major television network. Scads of decent bands (usually of the alt-rock variety) have topped the charts with their theme songs, never to be heard from again. And with teenage cries of "California, here we cooooooome…" still occasionally wailing across the airwaves, that's not necessarily always a bad thing. Here you'll find 10 bands known only (or, in some cases, primarily) for the TV themes they performed.

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Check Out 6 New Dog-Friendly Cars From the New York International Auto Show

Car manufacturers have learned that they have to sell a car not just to one person, but also to the entire family. And that includes the family pet. Those of us who share our lives with pets know that their needs are an essential part of every car-buying decision. That explains why Subaru offers a Dog Matchmaker on its Facebook page and why you’ll see dogs co-starring in ads from Land Rover and Chevrolet, among others. Jean Jennings, editor-in-chief of and Automobile Magazine, has been taking her four dogs along in a wide variety of test cars for years. She notes, "Cars today are so much more dog-friendly: from technology such as air bags and traction control that make cars safer than ever to seats that fold easily so you can fit dog crates in back. That, and the proliferation of tall wagons and SUVs, means you are much less limited in your car choices as a pet owner than in the past."

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The 33 Best Cocktail Bars In The Country

Over the course of many years here at Thrillist, we’ve written about cocktail bars in nearly every city across the US (and the world!), so it only made sense that we’d take that knowledge and pick out our 33 best cocktail bars in the country. We’re not aiming for the new, hot ones (though some are on here) -- just strictly the best places to get delicious cocktails -- both innovative and classic -- ideally without pretension, attitude, or crappy cocktail napkins that stick to the bottom of your glass. And -- as a bonus -- we asked our British and Canadian editors to pick their favorite cocktail bars, too, so you can enjoy boozy perfection wherever you go.

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The 10 Biggest Pinocchios of 2013

It’s time for our annual round-up of the biggest Pinocchios of the year. This was not a presidential election year, so in some ways the subjects that needed to be fact checked were more substantive. In reviewing The Fact Checker’s more than 200 columns in the past year, we found an interesting evolution from statistics about gun violence to claims about President Obama’s health-care law. Our general rule of thumb held: the more complex a subject is, the more tempted politicians are to make misleading claims. President Obama ended up with three of the most misleading claims of the year. But, despite the urging of some readers, his statement that “I didn’t set a red line” on Syria is not among them. We had looked closely at that claim and had determined that, in context, it was a bungled talking point, so that statement actually earned no rating. As always, that and other rulings were met with vehement objections from some readers. The Fact Checker thanks the readers who have offered thoughtful rebuttals to our conclusions. In some cases, in light of new information, we adjusted Pinocchio ratings.

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Top 10 Best US Museums

Museums are a place of great interest and imagination of art people and one loves to visit a museum of any place to know the culture and different activities of a nation or a country. Museums plays a major role in presenting a nation’s collection of culture, science and technology and things of historical importance. There are a lot of museums in the World, some are very large and famous with tons of interesting collections while some are small and even depicts interests of a little state. We have collected the Best Top 10 National Museums located in US. America is very conservative in its culture, thought , religion and comprehensive knowledge at times about a thing. America has been really conscious of making great state of the art museums in each state and let people see what they have in their collection of great Museums in US.

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