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20 Pieces of Superhero Mashup Art

Sure superhero fan art can be fun on its own, but you know what’s better? Non-superheroes suddenly transformed into amazing men and women of comic book lore. Sure they might not be as good at saving the world, but from an aesthetic perspective, they’re way more fun.

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10 Longest Animal Lifespan in the Absence of Human Interference

We as human beings are accustomed to being the most important species on this Earth. In spite of our self consciousness, there are animal species out there able to outlive us and even more to exist better and longer in our absence. Have you ever asked yourself how long your pet is going to live, or if your kids will have the chance to see the Blue Macaw you loved so much at the zoo? If so, you most likely wondered about how long the animals of the world live. Some species are far more capable to cheat death than we are while some are truly an example of longevity. The main point is that if life is allowed to go on without us interfering in it, the animal world may surprise us with its longevity.

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Meet the 5 Scariest Tree-Killing Machines

If trees could dream, these would give them nightmares. In many places throughout the world, deforestation continues to be a problem--which is what makes seeing the latest in tree-killing machinery all the more troubling. Gone, it seems, are the days of hard-earned lumber, where felling a tree took sweat and grit. Now, thanks to advances in technology, large swaths of forest can be harvested in a fraction of the time by a single lumberjack, all from a comfortable seated position. In fact, there are a number of scary-looking machines on the market today, all designed to make short work of forests.

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10 Examples of Bears Being Awesome

When they aren’t stealing pic-a-nic baskets, riding horses, taking dumps in the woods with the pope [citation needed], wiping their bums with rabbits, and mauling environmentalists, bears like to spend their remaining time being undeniably awesome. For example, the bear above is an 800-pound grizzly named Brutus who was raised by Casey Anderson. Here are five more pictures of Brutus being awesome.

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6 Terrifying Things Nobody Tells You About Donating Sperm

To a young guy with not much money, sperm donation seems too good to be true. It pays well (as we've pointed out before) and requires you to do nothing more than what you'd be doing anyway. And if you happen to help a childless couple along the way, that's just icing on the cake. Having actually been a sperm donor, I can say that you had better be prepared for a long haul. There are a lot of (horrifying) hoops to jump through, and then sperm banks expect you to masturbate like ... well, like it's your job. And it's not an easy one.

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Top 10 Songs About Cars

Ever since its invention, the car has been a celebrated part of Western culture. It makes perfect sense that our modern troubadours would write anthems venerating our trusty vehicles and their owners.

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10 Most Disruptive Computer Viruses in Internet History

Each year, US businesses and citizens lose billions upon billions of dollars due to the destruction caused by computer viruses. We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling when the first signs show — your browser freezes, your system slows, error messages pop up repeatedly, and bizarre antivirus software you never installed “scans” your computer. In worst case scenarios, it can spread to other computers, erase your hard drive, and ruin your machine altogether. A problem that predates the internet, the first virus was created 40 years ago, setting forth a problem that has grown with our dependence on computers. The following bugs are among the worst in history, and have caused many businesses and people to seek some form of insurance just in case.

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10 Movie Sequels That Were Surprisingly Good

Everyone knows that most sequels are terrible, and that only a few are really good, and even those are only good because they're part of larger planned trilogies. (See, for example, The Godfather: Part II and The Empire Strikes Back.) But what about the middle ground? What about those sequels (or later entries in a series) that aren't just good, but are surprisingly good? The movies that actually beat the odds and turned out to be welcome entries in the story? There are more of these than you'd think, as long as you know where to look. They often aren't placed in the same pantheon as other film classics, but they're every bit as worth your time. Sadly, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo didn't make the cut.

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10 Celebrity Foreclosures

Ever since the housing crisis began, Americans have gotten used to hearing a word that only used to apply to the very desperate — foreclosure. In the past, the word summoned to mind images of abandoned, dilapidated homes with boarded windows, a vacant porch swing and the occasional tumbleweed. Those days are over, and the foreclosed home in move-in condition is an increasingly common sight today. It seems like something that can happen to anybody, including famous people. The idea that celebrities are immune to market forces is long gone. Many of the celebrities who went into foreclosure were in career decline at the time. However, some have gone into foreclosure while still having a popular movie in the multiplexes, or a recording that tops the Billboard charts. Fame is no longer protection from foreclosure, and neither is success.

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12 Photos of Presidents Packing Heat

When they're not coming for yours, presidents love their guns. Below, photos of modern presidents enjoying their right to bear arms. Bonus shots featuring Eleanor Roosevelt, Dick Cheney, and Joe Biden. Then-Senator Truman shows off a pair of pistols once owned by Jesse James to Vice President John Nance Garner, 1938. According to the Library of Congress, "Senator Truman secured the guns in Southern Missouri from a doctor's wife, whose husband received them in payment of medical services rendered Frank James, another of the James' boys."

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Trouble Brewing: 12 De-alcoholized Abandoned Breweries

The spice must flow but the beer? Not always, and last call for breweries large or small is only a question of timing. These dozen decrepit, decommissioned and de-alcoholized breweries are the drunk dry victims of changing times, changing tastes and changing fortunes. The Pabst Brewing Company opened their first brewery in 1844 and they would continue to brew beer in Milwaukee for the next 152 years. All that ended in 1996 when Pabst contracted out production to rival brewer Stroh Brewery Company in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The huge Pabst brewery complex in Milwaukee was closed and Pabst became a virtual brewer. How d’ya like that, hipsters?

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The 10 Highest-Paid DJs In The World

Forbes' latest list ranks the world's highest-paid DJs over the past year. With the increasing popularity and resurgenceof electronic dance music, better known as EDM, DJ paydays have also seen a record high. The top ten "Electronic Cash Kings," as Forbes calls them, earned anywhere from $7 million to $22 million in the past year alone. As Forbes points out: One need only look at the recent activities of the genre’s most prominent practitioners: Last year, Skrillex was one of the main attractions at Coachella; last month, Deadmau5 ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone; last week, Kaskade became the first electronic act to sell out the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The proof is in the hundred-dollar ticket prices, EDM is officially mainstream. And the top earners who hide behind computers with headphones on, all of whom are male, are reaping the benefits.

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