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4 Questionable Claims Obama has Made on NSA Surveillance

Yesterday, President Obama announced some limited reforms to National Security Agency surveillance programs. Since the first disclosures based on documents provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Obama has offered his own defenses of the programs. But not all of the president’s claims have stood up to scrutiny. Here are some of the misleading assertions he has made.

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11 Things You Didn’t Know About Scrubs

As “Scrubs” still has a lasting fan base — the writers would call their cult following “Our Nerds“ — The Huffington Post has gathered 11 things from old interviews that you didn’t know about your favorite gang of doctors, and they’ll make you want to yell, “Eagle!”

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The 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2013

In a world of 24-hour news cycles, where 90 percent of cable news airtime is devoted to a presidential election a year and a half away, and where marketing flacks start hyping their studio’s films before casting has even finished, I thought we’d go ahead and get a jump on the slate of movies scheduled for the year after the presidential election. Yes, it’s two years away, but if 2012 is indeed the end of the planet, I’d hate to imagine that these ten tiny films aren’t afforded enough online print. It’s never too early to get excited about movies that haven’t even begun filming, is it? Let the hype rain down, and if we can get this train rolling, maybe we can hit the backlash point by the mid-point of 2012, so once they are finally released, we’ve turned the corner to the backlash’s backlash.

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10 Worst Sports Riots Ever

With an emphasis on controlled aggression, community solidarity and the defeat of an opponent, team sport has been referred to as a “peaceful substitute for war.” Unfortunately, however, even in the modern world it seems that not everyone got the “peaceful” part of the comparison. Over the years, there have been various occasions when sporting events have degenerated into violent battles for control and dominance between opposing fans, or between fans and police. Stampedes and cases of supporters being crushed have also been all too common.

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11 Things Dog Owners Should Never Say

When it comes to dogs, owners sometimes have tunnel vision, seeing the world only from the perspective of their own dog or their own dog-training experience. This often leads to owners tossing out sentences that, in an ideal world, would never be uttered. Yet these words are clues to a bigger issue, or a situation that's about to become an issue, including not fully understanding dog behavior, social cues, body language, or simply good manners toward other dogs and dog owners. Training yourself is the the most productive strategy for improving the behavior of your dog -- as well as other dogs that your dog socializes with -- because you are such a big influencer of behavior, even when you don't realize you're influencing your dog's actions.

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10 Weird Almost Nations

Got a problem with your country? Why not form one of your very own, with laws you choose yourself? A micronation is a tiny, self-proclaimed sovereign state. Though they claim sovereignty and are often not interfered with by larger government entities, they are not recognized as official independent states (which sets them apart from microstates like The Vatican or Singapore.) There are any number of reasons someone may start a micronation: as a joke, as a form of art, for protest purposes, as a political or legal experiment, or even to conduct criminal activity. Often times a strange legal quirk (or outright loophole) gives these micronations a unique legal status. Some of them are hilarious. Some of them are interesting. Most of them are, in their own way, bizarre, unique, and strange.

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5 Weird Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Conception

Ah, the miracle of life. There’s nothing more natural and beautiful than the birth of the child. And nothing more sexy than the way that child was created. The process of conception has often been shrouded in mystery due to poor science, religious interference, and the refusal of teachers to let dudes see the “girls only” video from Sex Ed. It’s often hard to separate the truth from the myth, even if you own the necessary genitalia to conduct experiments. Luckily, the sexologists (which is totally a real thing) here at WeirdWorm can help set the record straight. Brace yourself, this might be pretty cold.

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15 Awesome Google Services You Never Knew Existed

Whether you're sending an email in Gmail, finding directions to that fancy restaurant using Google Maps, or pretending to be a part of the latest microblogging craze with Google Buzz, the G-word is everywhere. Well, it turns out that there is also a whole library of Google web applications and services stacked up behind the everyday services you may have come to take for granted. Most of the mega company's services are either full blown web applications readily available to the public, or secretly tucked away behind a door in the Google Labs. However, even those wearing their Public Beta scrubs are readily available to play with.

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30 Photographs of Awesome Cockpits

One of the coolest things when I was a kid was the possibility to visit an airplane's cockpit. All the buttons and the pilots using it were pretty awesome, but the outside view was always breathtaking. Unfortunately today no one is allowed to visit anymore. But for all of you who dig an awesome cockpit, here's a selection I've made for you. These are some pretty sweet cockpits, from all kinds of aircrafts... from space shuttles to zeppelins. These were taken by some really talented photographers. For more of their pictures you must check their portfolios simply by clicking each picture. I hope you enjoy these!

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The 15 Most Hated Companies in America

There's no wrong way to hate a major corporation. If you're a customer, you can despise the product. If you're an employee, you can resent management. If you're a shareholder, you can skewer the strategy. If you're a taxpayer, you can loathe the bailout. And if you're an average Joe, you can hate on just about anything. But what are the most hated companies in America? Abhorrence is subjective, but we based our rancor rankings on six criteria: (1) employee opinions; (2) return to shareholders; (3) customer surveys; (4) brand valuation; (5) press coverage; and (6) public opinion.* These most hated companies are in no particular order.

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10 Most Memorable Predator Moments

Predators has finally hit theaters, so we decided it’d be cool to go back to the previous movies in the series to check out the most memorable moments of everyone’s favorite alien hunter who likes to prey on humans. The first two movies are classics, while the AVP movies are definitely not. Below you’ll find the ten most memorable moments in the series thus far.

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9 Lame Vampires Still Cooler than the Vampires in Twilight

Twilight sucks. Anyone with at least a quarter-brain knows this to be fact. But we're not here to argue the literary merits -- or lack their of -- of a book series completely devoid of anything even remotely close to resembling a well-put-together story or character depth. No, instead we look at Twilight's greatest detriment to pop culture: the complete and utter butchery of the vampire mythos. Vampires drink blood. Human blood, specifically. They don't get to just drink animal blood, go on their hunky dory way without any type of drawback and then make idiotic jokes about being "vegetarians." Vampires stay out of the sunlight lest they burst into flames. They certainly do not sparkle as though somebody blasted them with a shotgun full of rhinestones. Those are called pixies. And as for vampire baseball... fuck you, Meyer. The vampires on this list certainly do not represent the cream of the crop themselves. However, despite their relative lameness they still kick the shit out of Twilight's sorry excuse for the bloodsucking undead.

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